Less is more: Asian brides are moving away from harsh contour

Shefali Saxena Saturday 17th July 2021 04:54 EDT

London based Sumayyah Khan’s brand delivers a seamless hair, makeup and styling experience for brides, commercial clientele and all those that want to look and feel beautiful. Asian Voice reached out to Khan to explore what brides in the community want during their pandemic weddings. What has changed? 

Sumayyah Khan said, “A lot has changed during the pandemic, and there’s no doubt many have suffered – including brides having to postpone their big days and waiting for official announcements. For makeup artists, one of the main things I and many have had to do is accommodate changes in booking dates and continually shuffling my diary, because of the uncertainty and it’s been out of anyone’s control. 

“Whilst it’s been hectic for hair and makeup artists, I have a lot of sympathy for those trying to plan weddings because I’m sure it’s been just as chaotic for them (if not worse!) Another key thing has been taking extra measures to keep myself and my clients safe, which includes wearing masks during bookings, sanitising all my brushes and makeup beyond normal, and taking regular lateral flow tests before bookings.”

The unpredictability of the weather, a massive panic and consciousness of exposure to the virus may have turned around the lens with which brides saw their hair and make-up procedures ahead of the weddings. Khan told us what the current set of brides are demanding her to do for them. 

“Lately, I think everything has been about minimalism, simplicity and small, intimate weddings. It seems Asian brides are moving away from harsh contour, defined brows, solid matte lips and super bold looks to sultry, soft glam. I’ve been adorning faces with dewy, ‘glass’ skin, soft blusher, glossy lips and natural brows. It’s been refreshing to see the new “less is more” trend enhancing natural beauty,” Sumayyah said. 

When asked how the pandemic has affected her business, Khan told the newsweekly, “As hard as it has been, and though artists have lost out financially for a long period, I haven’t raised my prices at all, because I know lots of my brides have also suffered. The pandemic has meant I’ve had to fill up my schedule more this bridal season, and have been super busy, but I’m sure like all other artists I’m just glad I’m back to glamming beautiful clients.” 

Khan’s charges depend on whether clients choose a hair and/or makeup service, how many people and travel but as an estimate it is averaging around £300-400 for bridal bookings. “I’m fairly new to the industry, so at the moment I’m trying to establish myself, enjoy my passion and make a mark on the industry,” she added. 

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