Lecturer recreates Mahabharata characters for Twitter

Tuesday 10th February 2015 14:03 EST

A lecturer from Bournemouth University, has re-imagined the ancient Indian epic Mahabharata for Twitter audience, recreating a book, however this time from the perspective of the main villain.

In 2009, Dr Chindu Sreedharan began retelling the Mahabharata on Twitter, taking more than four years and nearly 2,700 tweets to finish "Epic Retold", published in December as a book billed as India's first Twitter fiction.

Sreedharan's Twitter version is told from the point of view of Bhima, the strongest and second of the five Pandava warriors.

Now the 41-year-old academic is reading up on Bhima's cousin Duryodhana to present a shorter Twitter narrative from his point of view, turning the antagonist into an anti-hero.

Sreedharan reportedly told the Reuters, "It's going to be challenging to write Duryodhana too, but there's a quick end in sight."

"I know where it will start and how it will end, much more clearly than when I began Epic Retold."

One of Sreedharan's initial reasons for microblogging the Mahabharata was to make it palatable to British colleagues and see how Indians reacted to an epic reinterpreted for Twitter.

"I am curious to see what the conventionalists make of my alternate ending," he said.

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