Krupali Patel: Radiographer of the Year

Sunetra Senior Tuesday 18th November 2014 07:04 EST

Last week the talented Krupali Patel was awarded London Radiographer of the Year at the House of Commons. This well-deserved honour was bestowed by The Society and College of Radiographers at the Radiography Awards 2014 for all Krupali's mentorship and training work with students in fetal cardiac sonography. Proud parents Nirish and Giru Patel said: “she has worked very hard for this.”

There is no doubt that Krupali of St Thomas' Hospital has accomplished much in the last six years. First qualifying as a radiographer, Sonali went on to complete her ultrasound training and graduated with a distinction in 2009. Her consequent work with The British Heart Foundation to improve fetal cardiac training for all sonographers in South East England then led to her prestigious role as sonography tutor. This includes providing the practical and theoretical training for students who are undertaking obstetric and gynaecological ultrasound training. Lynda Mulhair, a fellow doctor, added that “Krupali has devised an in-house course for individuals to undertake basic ultrasound which includes basic anatomical theory and physics.” Recently, Krupali has also given valuable feedback to ensure that high quality ultra-sound is performed by all practitioners in her department.

However this young medic is not just a specialist sonographer; she is also, as Lynda continued to gush, an exceptional person: “Krupali is delightful to work with. She had infinite patience with the students under her care, including the doctors in training. She remains calm under pressure and always strives to ensure that both the women and students get the best care possible (…) She is unfailingly professional, but also demonstrates a good sense of humour.”

The proactive wonder also organises monthly educational sessions for all sonographers on subjects that they have suggested and looks to recruit the relevant speakers. We are very pleased to hear of Krupali's success and know that there will be much more to come.

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