Kishan Devani excelled as the Vice- Chairman of Lib Dem in Business

Wednesday 08th August 2018 09:12 EDT

Kishan Devani’s position within the Liberal Democrat Party has been further excelled as he was elected Vice-Chairman of Liberal Democrats in Business.

In addition to recently being appointed Vice-President of the Liberal Democrats Campaign for Race Equality & holding the position of Treasurer's Envoy for the Liberal Democrat Party.

Paul Lucraft, Chair of Lib Dems in Business says, “We are really pleased to welcome Kishan Devani as our Vice Chair, he brings his business skills and knowledge, political insights, great energy and enthusiasm to the cause.” Explaining why the Lib Dems are a natural party of business, Paul Lucraft explains; the many SME businesses we have across our society enrich our diversity and provide millions of jobs that make our country vibrant and successful. They create wealth, pay taxes, help people develop and they create bridges across our society.

Business takes many forms, quoted and unquoted companies, but also not for profit, lifestyle, cooperatives, family and sole traders and self-employed all have important roles to play. Liberal Democrats have always believed in enterprise and initiative. A key part of our philosophy is setting people free, empowering and enabling them to be creative in building business to improve the world we live in. The solutions to most of today’s problems won’t come from governments or big business but from new ideas, entrepreneurs and innovators. It’s our role to help encourage and level the playing field to allow business to thrive because that way we all do better and prosper as a nation.

Kishan Devani expressed his gratitude to all that elected him and said "The Liberal Democrats are the party of business. We are a party committed to the SME's in our country and a lot of our work within the Lib Dems in Business shall be to reach out to our SME's who are the backbone of our economy."

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