Kalasagara UK celebrates Shri Ram

Wednesday 24th January 2024 02:11 EST

Usha Raghavan, a Bharatnatyam performer based in the UK and her husband Raghavan and I were blessed with the darshan of Sri Ram Parivar in Ayodhya in August 2023. Speaking to us, Usha said, “We also had the good fortune of seeing the beautiful mandir being built. No wonder hence it was quite an emotional experience for me to celebrate in the UK the momentous occasion of Prana Pratishtha of Shri Rama at Ayodhya on 22 January 2024. To mark this auspicious celebration I presented a Bharatanatyam offering along with my students of Kalasagara UK on 21st January, 2024. I will cherish this experience forever. It was sponsored by Chinmaya Mission UK. Carnatic musician Shri Vamshikrishna Vishnudas too took part in this performance.”

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