Indian community loses its renowned leader and social worker

Tuesday 27th July 2021 14:49 EDT

Shri Lalubhai Parekh Is no more. He succumbed to covid 19 on Monday afternoon (26 July 2021) having been admitted to hospital a few days earlier. He was 88. Shri Lalubhai was a well known social worker and leader of the Indian community in London.

He was born in Rajkot, Gujarat in 1932 and had his formal education there. He graduated in law and then migrated to East Africa where he established his successful law firm in Mwanza (Tanzania). In 1971 he emigrated to the UK and settled in London. He owned a post office in Central London which he sold after few years and went into the hotel and property business. He lost a young son in a tragic accident which had a deep impact on the family

Apart from his business, he was socially very active. He became a 373 Swayamsevak of RSS in 1944 (at the young age of 11) and became close friends with political stalwarts like Keshubhai Patel (former CM of Gujarat) and Vajubhai Vala (former Governor of Karnataka). He knew Narendrabhai Modi (present PM) for many years, before he joined politics. He was in regular touch with Narendrabhai ModiĀ  when he was CM of Gujarat. In UK he was one of the most senior and respected leader of the Sangh Parivar. He was president of Overseas Friends BJP (UK) for a number of years. He was also president of National Congress of Gujarati Organisations (NCGO) and Trustee of Navnat Vanik Organisation. In spite of his age, he was active and attended all Sangh Parivar events, including shibirs, till his last days.

He was a quiet person but jovial and very friendly by nature. He had immense self confidence and willingness to learn new technology, particularly engaging in social media. He had a vast pool of friends who respected him and listened to his advice and guidance. He will be immensely missed by the community and particularly Sangh Parivar in UK.

He leaves behind a deep vaccum in the lives of Nimuben (wife), Mamta (daughter) and Sunil (son in law) and his beloved grandchildren Curran and Rahul

We pray for eternal peace and sadgati to the puniya aatmaa and for strength and resilience to the family to bear this great loss.

Aum Shantih Shantih Shantih

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