Harrow central mosque trustee election leads to dispute

Tuesday 03rd February 2015 11:36 EST

Results of new trustee election at the Harrow Central Mosque has led to a dispute, after a new group won by 25 votes.

Since polling in December, some members have reportedly claimed voting was fixed and after contacting the Charity Commission - has now announced that the election be declared null and void.

They alleged that 61 individuals voted despite their names not being on the approved voter list, and a key control desk was removed 40 minutes after voting started, meaning that 116 individuals rejected for membership because they live beyond the membership boundary could have still voted.

However, incoming group Living Masjid have reportedly stated that the new trustees of the mosque has already taken office, announcing a new chairman, general secretary and treasurer.

The Charity Commission has confirmed that it is aware of the situation at the Harrow Central Mosque and is engaging with the charity to help resolve the problems.

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