Festival of Inspiration concludes with the historic presence of visitors

A 10-day celebration of life, culture and harmony at Neasden Temple will be remembered forever

Tuesday 02nd August 2022 06:41 EDT

The Festival of Inspiration at the Neasden Temple concluded with the historic presence of visitors on the last day 31 July. In the evening, the visitors and volunteers celebrated England's Euro 2022 historic victory. A 10-day celebration of life, culture and harmony will be remembered forever for helping individuals, families and the community as well as for enjoying and growing together.

Spread over a 7-acre site in and around the grounds of the Neasden Temple, the Festival has been made possible by the selfless service of more than 3,000 volunteers and hundreds of supporters. The festival focused on the inspiring life, work and wisdom of His Holiness Pramukh Swami Maharaj, on his centennial birth anniversary.

Inspiring sights, sounds and savoury food, there was something for the whole family to enjoy and learn. The outdoor festival stage was the platform for a vibrant blend of music and dance from a variety of esteemed artists, including Indian folk and devotional singers, Indian and Western instrumentalists and classical dance troupes.

In the Island of Heroes, the cultural performances from talented youth teams from around the country were really inspiring. With the help of more than 600 volunteers and artists the Multimedia Shows, Musical productions, UV light shows, an escape room, obstacle course and interactive games were arranged that helped to discover the inner hero within each child. In the Garden of Divinity, there were magnificent statues of some of India’s great saints, sages, philosophers and poets with succinct narratives.

Apart from that, the serene darshan of the sacred images in the Temple, the informative exhibition for Understanding Hinduism, and the Health Hub were the main points of attraction. Of course, the 27-foot murti of Pramukh Swami Maharaj was one of the main iconic features at the Festival of Inspiration. This maha-murti offered visitors an opportunity to participate in the daily maha-arti.

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