Dress the world with style, but let sustainability be the fabric that holds it together

Wednesday 29th March 2023 07:47 EDT

Pinkal Lad is a fashion designer currently working at Harrods.  Her passion for fashion design stemmed from being in India and seeing all the different vibrant colours and materials that were available. Lad is from Gujarat which is one of the leading textile exporters so she has always been around various fabrics. Speaking to the newsweekly, she said, “I have been passionate about designing and pursued this in Mumbai which further cemented my desire and passion for this career.  I developed these ideas and brought them to England where I even had the opportunity to present my brand at the Paris fashion week.

“I have also been selected to present my line of work at the prestigious London Fashion Day, where I will be launching a new spring-summer collection.  I will use my experience from India to ensure the heritage and culture are appreciated through my new line of work.

My practice has always been working towards sustainable fashion which is something I would love to spread awareness of and inspire future generations.”

Born and raised in India, Pinkal Lad belongs to a diverse culture, committed to sustainability and protecting crafts from around the world. “I am keen to develop processes and designs built on social justice, equality and ecological integrity; my multicultural knowledge and experience enable me to bring ideas inspired by different countries and cultures to the UK and abroad to fulfil these objectives.

“From thousands of applicants, I was selected to present my designs and ideas at the Paris Fashion Week and will also present at the London Fashion Day in April 2023.  Both serve as global platforms for international fashion industries, where designers and professionals represent their nation of origin and cultural identities, often with a Western mix, thereby celebrating cultural diversity, expressed through the artistic and social movement of fashion.

“My forte is to visualise and connect concepts to give life to my designs and with my commitment to sustainability, I am continually striving to promote the ethical and ecological issues facing the fashion industry, thereby creating values and influence. I want to encourage a decarbonised fashion industry, where innovative manufacturing and packaging ideas can come to fruition and where brands also embed responsible business conducts in their wages,” she told Asian Voice. 

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