Discovering the all-age appeal of cruising

Anusha Singh Wednesday 07th February 2024 09:37 EST

The perception that cruises are primarily for youngsters is a common stereotype that overlooks the broad appeal and diverse offerings of these maritime adventures. In reality, cruises cater to a wide range of age groups, making them an ideal experience for travellers of all generations.

For starters, modern cruise ships are designed to accommodate the needs and preferences of passengers spanning various age demographics. One of the key advantages of cruising is its ability to provide something for everyone, regardless of age or interests. Whether you're seeking relaxation and rejuvenation, cultural exploration, or thrilling adventures, there are tailored experiences available onboard and at each port of call.

Moreover, cruises offer a unique opportunity for multi-generational travel, allowing families to come together and create lasting memories in a hassle-free environment. Grandparents, parents, and children can bond over shared experiences, embark on exciting adventures, and celebrate special occasions while enjoying the comforts and conveniences of a floating resort.

Asian Voice found voices from within the community that reiterate the flexibility, luxury and charm of cruises.

Excitement follows initial apprehension

For Bharat Vaswani, his first cruise experience brought about a lot of excitement but also a lot of apprehension. “I was wrong though, as it was one of the best experiences I have had. The cruise, staff, food and entertainment were top-class. We have all experienced beach holidays, and yet travelling by water is a completely different and exhilarating experience”, he said.

Bharat enjoyed the food, atmosphere and the activities on board. Describing his experience, he said, “Like with any large resort, it took us a few days to get accustomed and meet people. Of course, some areas do get crowded but once you get used to that, it gets much more fun and relaxing. The daily entertainment was good too, with clean pools and large shopping area which was unexpected. Daily activities, especially in the ocean, were well managed and I was quite surprised to find myself participating in quite a few of these activities.”

For people considering taking a Cruise, he says that if one is comfortable at the sea, then it definitely is a must-have experience. It is very important to research the options, and look at the routes, the cruise companies and amenities and activities. “View the cruise as an experience; the towns and cities along the way are truly a bonus!”, he says.

Venturing out is where the true cruise magic unfolds

Dr A Jaganathan and his wife Dr Buvaneswari went on a cruise for the first time in 2020 for their college reunion. Talking about onboard activities and amenities, Dr A Jaganathan said, “ We enjoyed a variety of programs, ranging from dance and music performances to fun games.

“Throughout the journey, there are a total of 781 unique programs, and in case you happen to miss any, they were repeated for your convenience. There were dedicated programs and activities designed to keep children entertained throughout the journey. The cruise experience offers an affordable five-day getaway complete with various amenities. However, additional charges may apply for excursions, such as bus or train transportation to specific destinations.”

Detailing her experience, Dr Buvaneswari said, “Going on a cruise ship is a unique and captivating experience. It transports you to a different world altogether. Our first cruise adventure was nothing short of extraordinary, where we met our old batchmates who came there with their family.

“While it's tempting to stay within the confines of your cabin, venturing out is where the true cruise magic unfolds. Stepping outside your room, you're enveloped by the vastness of the ocean, and it's then that you truly begin to immerse yourself in the cruise experience. The sensation of being out at sea, surrounded by the endless expanse of water, is something that words can hardly capture. It's an adventure filled with moments that will stay with you forever.”

A multicultural environment with people of all ages, cultures, and nationalities

Deepa Sugathan’s family absolutely loves the experience, especially her son who participated in the different kids' clubs available. Contrary to the misconception that cruising is primarily for elderly people, she found the atmosphere to be diverse and inclusive. “It was a multicultural environment with people of all ages, cultures, and nationalities”, she said.

Describing her first experience, she recalls, “The first time we went on a cruise was for a Christmas cruise, and it was truly magical. The highlight was when Santa made a dramatic entrance onto the cruise ship on Christmas Day, with screens displaying his arrival. It left a lasting impression on my son, who asked if we could make it a yearly tradition.”

Describing her experience, she said, “We opted for freestyle cruising, which offers a mix of formal, flexible, and lively experiences and each day, we chose how we wanted to spend our time. It provided the perfect balance of relaxation and adventure, making every moment onboard memorable. Both my boys are sports enthusiasts, so they particularly enjoyed the sports clubs and deck adventures.

“In the evenings, when we wanted to unwind and enjoy some adult time, our son would be happily engaged in the kids' club. The onboard childcare was definitely a highlight of the cruise for me. The entertainment options were diverse, catering to different tastes. As someone who loves Western musicals, I particularly enjoyed some of the shows, such as "Mamma Mia!" and "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert," along with live comedy clubs. There truly was something for everyone to enjoy.”

An unforgettable journey filled with wonderful memories

Jyotsna Shah believes that cruising is a fantastic experience, catering to people of all ages and interests. Whether you enjoy swimming, relaxing at the spa, participating in activities, or watching shows in the auditorium, there's something for everyone on board. The entertainment programs are varied and cater to different age groups, ensuring that everyone has a great time.

Describing her experience she said, “During my last cruise, which was a family trip after COVID, we embarked from Barcelona and visited various destinations such as Italy and France. The cruise ship was well-equipped, with a large crew ensuring cleanliness and top-notch service. Despite initial concerns about spending so many days at sea, once the journey began, we were immersed in countless activities, entertainment, and visits to different places. It was truly an enjoyable experience that I recommend to everyone.

“On our cruise, there were only a few vegetarians, including myself and my friends. However, the crew went above and beyond to accommodate our dietary preferences, providing us with exceptional hospitality. Initially, we had some apprehensions, but as we experienced the cruise, we realised that it was an unforgettable journey filled with wonderful memories. Having good company certainly enhances the experience, making it even more enjoyable.”

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