Diaspora voices at Newham Heritage Month 2023

Wednesday 24th May 2023 08:03 EDT

Diaspora voices at Newham Heritage Month 2023

Newham Heritage month is all set to kick off in the month of June and will emphasise on the voices of Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi diaspora. The event is called 'Hear My Voice'- Stories From The South Asian Diaspora and is set to take place on June 2.

The event will embark upon the experiences of the diaspora from the first time they arrived in Newham and how they chose arts as medium to keep the connection with their culture alive. A film documenting research and findings about the diaspora called ‘Hear My Voice’ - Stories From The South Asian Diaspora will also be premiered. Historical images and quotes will be on display. Another event, Cultural Newham: Celebrating South Asian Dance & Music, will feature Bharatnatyam dance and ethnic music of the diaspora.

This year’s month-long programme will bring to life Newham’s extraordinary creative heritage through live events, film screenings, exhibitions, workshops, talks and tours.  It will encompass everything from Stratford’s famous stand-up comedy scene and the borough’s stunningly successful Bharatanatyam dance sensation- the press release from Newham Heritage Month read.

The event is being organized by Farzana Iqbal, the author of ‘The Silence of a Deep River’. She and other South Asian residents will share their story of how they have played a huge role in Newham life, arts and entertainment since the1960s.

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