Critical costs in child-care

Monday 05th January 2015 07:18 EST

The new information from local councils indicated that part-time nursery school or hiring a child-minder costs at least £100.00 in over three quarters of the United Kingdom. This is more than a quarter of one's weekly earnings.
In certain areas, the costs have been even higher. In Richmond for example, the average nursery spot comes up to £247.50 for 25 hours a week. The average childminder costs £223.23 for 25 hours of good service.
“Families facing a cost-of-living crisis under David Cameron are coming under increasing pressure from soaring childcare costs” stated Alison McGovern, the Shadow Minister for children and families, as she criticised the City of London. This is a time of “falling childcare places and reduced support from this Tory-led government.”
McGovern added that the Labour party would extend free pre-school childcare for those who are working parents. Further data shows that spending has sky-rocketed since 2010 with some families forced to stretch 30 per cent more in childcare budgets.
A recent survey by the insurer Aviva found thousands of parents are in effect working for zero pay because of the high cost of childcare. This biannual report into family finances found that one in 10 working families with young children has an earner who brings home nothing after commuting, childcare and other work-associated expenses.

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