Community gears up for Navratri

Wednesday 14th September 2022 07:06 EDT

Navratri, one of the biggest Hindu celebrations and the nine-day festival, is set to begin on Monday, September 26. This festival honours the mother goddess Durga, who is best known for killing an evil demon, (Mahishasura), in a battle which lasted nine days and nights.

This year this festival will be jam-packed with music, dancing and prayer and each day is represented by a colour, which devotees are expected to dress. Each colour represents one of Durga’s distinct characteristics or traits. During Navratri, some Hindus fast, while prayers and songs are offered. 


Events that will take place in Leicester

  • Pre-Navratri by Bright Stars Entertainment will commence on September 23 at 7 pm at the Ramgarhia community centre in Ulverscroft Road. There will be musical performances from Jignesh Barot, Kajal Maheriya and Vaishal Barot. Tickets are £10 and can be purchased online. 

  • Navratri 2022 with Music Arts - will take place at the Platinum Suite in Cobden street. 

  • Shree Prajapati Association will host its own Navratri celebrations at its building in Ulverscroft Road. 

  • Shree Panchal Gnati Mandal UK - will collaborate with the Charotar Patidar Samaj community centre to host a Navratri celebration on Saturday, October 2 at 7:30 pm.

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