Cllr Ameet Jogia: The Tory Blue Eyed Boy

Monday 02nd March 2015 11:25 EST

Cllr Ameet Jogia, one of London’s youngest Councillors, gave a moving and heartfelt maiden speech during Harrow Council’s Council Tax debate last week. His speech has been deemed one of the best maiden speeches in the Council’s history.

Cllr Jogia, a Conservative Councillor, was elected into office in May last year, receiving the highest number of votes than any other Councillor in Harrow.

In his maiden speech, Ameet spoke of his experience of being homeless as a child in 1990 and how Harrow Council helped him and his family back on his feet.

Ameet paid tribute to the Labour Party during the debate in their efforts to help the vulnerable, but explained why his experiences made him a Conservative, “I’m a Conservative because I believe in empowering people to be the very best they can be; to stand on their own two feet.”

I’m not telling you my story because I want your pity. But because I don’t want to be written off another right winger who doesn’t understand what it’s like to be poor.”

Ameet Jogia is a rising star within the Conservative Party and is commonly referred to as the “Tory blue eyed boy” within Conservative circles. Ameet has been a long standing Tory activist and signed up to the Party on his 16th birthday, working and climbing his way up the Tory ranks ever since. Ameet is already an approved candidate on the Conservative Party Candidates List and is tipped to stand for Parliament in the future.

Speaking after the debate, Cllr Jogia told Asian Voice, “Being vulnerable, poor and homeless are terms which are often used very loosely. I wanted to use my maiden speech to retell my story in the hope that it would encourage and empower more young people to take part in the political process.”

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