Carers will be helped

Tuesday 08th June 2021 09:32 EDT

Help will be given to Isolated unpaid carers in the East End who are looking after others. They are being encouraged to reach out for help. “An estimated 25,000 men and women may have slipped through the net and are not getting help from Tower Hamlets Carers Centre,” Metro reported. 

A centre in Stepney Green has been using this year’ national Carers Week from June 7 to 13 to make them “visible and valued”. 

The Carers Trust national charity pointed out that most carers were already spending 50 hours or more a week looking after a relative or friend. 

“Coronavirus "made a bad situation even worse" in the deprived East End, with one in six carers having to work an extra 40 hours a week on top of what they had been doing,” the report said. 

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