Brows to reckon with

Monday 08th February 2016 10:11 EST

Chandigarh-born British beautician, Shavata Singh, is the name to trust when it comes to grooming your eyebrows. She is a hot favourite with a-listers, having clients from both the elites and celebrities in the UK, to the starlets of Bollywood.

The 45-year-old owner of the brow studio has a regular client in the much-loved singing sensation, Adele, and has other remarkable names who vow by her services, such as Victoria Beckham, Kelly Brooks and many others.

Shavata Singh has her signature studio at Beauchamp Place, London, as well as 22 others across the UK.

She used to work in an iconic Mayfair salon, Michaeljohn, for some years, but it was only after a Vogue editor wrote about her service that she started to have a fan following. She said, “I was waxing this editor's legs and I told her that her brows looked awful. I asked her if she would allow me to shape them. She said yes and then wrote about me. After the article came out, suddenly I was doing 20 brows in a day.”

Singh had moved to the UK, along with her parents, at the age of six. She is not only popular with the ladies, she also has many male clients as well who trust her eyebrows expertise.

Speaking about the importance of the right brow shape, Shavata Singh said, “Brows should not be the loudest feature on the face, but should silently compliment it. Just like a frame around a painting.” 

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