Brits are attempting fascinating DIY home improvements

Shefali Saxena Wednesday 10th April 2024 05:00 EDT

68% of Brits have attempted DIY home improvements over the past year, according to a survey by Yell, with 64% doing so to save money. However, experts caution that DIY projects should be approached with care, as 79% of respondents admit to having spent money hiring a professional to fix botched DIY jobs.

The survey identified the most common DIY projects undertaken by homeowners, with painting (64%), hanging pictures/shelves (47%), and bleeding radiators (36%) among the top choices. Despite the popularity of low-risk DIY tasks, there are risks involved, and mishaps can lead to unexpected expenses. Accidentally drilling through a water pipe, for example, could result in costly repairs ranging from £150 to £300.

Social media platforms like YouTube are a popular resource for DIY enthusiasts, with 41% of respondents turning to online tutorials for guidance. However, 1 in 10 believe they don't need any help with DIY, potentially contributing to the need for professional assistance later on. Interestingly, while younger age groups are more likely to consult social media for DIY advice, older generations aged 55+ are more inclined to contact a professional tradesperson first.

Despite the risks, some homeowners are undeterred from attempting riskier DIY projects. For instance, 1 in 12 individuals have tried to install a new bathroom themselves, despite the potential for water damage and flooding. Other high-risk DIY tasks include fixing roof damage (6%) and rewiring (5%).

While DIY projects may seem like a cost-effective solution initially, the survey reveals that homeowners spend an average of £639.18 on DIY projects but end up shelling out £935 on hiring professionals to rectify mistakes. In extreme cases, DIY blunders can result in substantial expenses, with one respondent admitting to spending £30,000 on a DIY project only to pay an additional £50,000 for professional repairs.

Regional differences in DIY habits were also observed, with the East Midlands leading in DIY attempts (72%) and Greater London topping the list for DIY mishaps fixed by professionals (86%). Greater London also sees the highest average spend on professional repairs, amounting to £1364.

Given the potential pitfalls of DIY, experts recommend leaving certain tasks to professionals. Yell provides a convenient platform to connect with local electricians, plumbers, and handymen, ensuring efficient service and avoiding long waiting lists. Whether it's home maintenance or driving lessons, Yell's free enquiry feature allows homeowners to connect with local experts quickly and get tasks completed with peace of mind.

London-based, Chandni told Asian Voice about the DIY methods she applied in her kitchen.

She said, “I am an amateur DIY person.  I tried painting my bedroom last year and made some minor cosmetic changes. I bought DIY tools from Amazon and local hardware stores.”

She further explained that she used contact paper on the countertop and stuck tiles and stickers on existing tiles, near the window.

Harish Dahya told the newsweekly, “I started off DIY tasks with painting and decorating. Eventually I learnt plumbing from my friends to make do small fixings in the house - for which finding a professional person is difficult. Later I learnt how to cut tiles, especially marbles - which helped me decorate and give my home a fresh new makeover.”

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