Bhaktivedanta's Sruti Dharma Das bravely battles cancer

Monday 16th April 2018 06:01 EDT

In 31st March edition of Asian Voice, we had reported about the honourable Temple President at Bhaktivendanta Manor, Sruti Dharma Das being diagnosed with a form of brain Cancer.

Sruti Dharma Das moved into Bhaktivedanta Manor in 1978, and has overseen the development of the Manor's large congregation over the last 40 years. He has also been a key member and prominent figure in the campaign to save the Temple from closure during 1986- 1996. 

In 2015, Sruti Dharma Das joined 1,000 dignitaries from across the British Commonwealth at Buckingham Palace, and was invited to have a private audience with the Queen and other members of the Royal family. 

Minister for Northern Ireland, Shailesh Vara MP recently visited him. Speaking about the noble human being, Vara said, “Sruti Dharma Das is a giant amongst Hindu spiritual leaders. His service to the Hindu community, as well as to the wider community, has been outstanding and he stands out as a shining light for his tireless service to so many people. At this difficult time for him and his family, we all send them our heartfelt best wishes.” 

His selfless dedication and devotion to the Bhaktivedanta Manor has touched many hearts and many people pray for his speedy recovery during such testing times.

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