Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar hosts reception to introduce new group editor to the community

Leading dignitaries attended the ‘Meet and Greet’ reception hosted by Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar to introduce their new group editor Mahesh Liloriya to the thriving Asian community in the UK.

Wednesday 02nd March 2022 05:31 EST

Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar held a Meet and Greet ceremony at Sangat Centre in Harrow on 19 February. Leading dignitaries from all walks of life were present on this occasion. Editor-in-Chief C B Patel introduced the newly appointed group editor Mahesh Liloriya to all.

He said, “Our motherland, culture and to serve the society with utmost dedication are very important to us. In the last 50 years, whenever the questions of society, people's rights, existence, and identity have arisen, we have launched a campaign to help find justice. There have been recent attempts to spark controversy about the Godhra riot in the British Parliament, on its 20th anniversary. We strongly condemn the attempts to divide and gaslight communities. Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar promptly took a stand, along with the community, raising concerns against such divisive actions.”

CB also announced that there will be a special issue of 'Uganda - A Report', prepared under the guidance of Lord Popat marking the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of Indians from Uganda. This voluminous informative issue will be published soon.

First Secretary (Economic), High Commission of India in London, Asian Voice and Gujarat Samachar columnist and author Rohit Vadhwana said, “Humbleness and prudence are two qualities that everyone should specifically assimilate. Changes certainly come with new blood and new ideas. CB is my mentor and I strongly request him to write a book to guide society based on his vast experiences. By doing this, the legacy of social service and social relations can be a source of inspiration for all. As we all know that there cannot be a second Gandhi or Vivekananda, in the same way, we cannot have another CB Patel.” 

 Cllr Krupesh Hirani AM, London assembly member from Brent and Harrow, said, "Everyone must unite when it comes to the interests of the community. Political ideologies may be different, but society needs to connect as a stream.”

Conservative Friends of India Co-Chairman and Cllr Ameet Jogia said, “It is an honour to welcome Maheshbhai Liloriya to take on this new role. The appointment comes at an important time when we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the ABPL. I look forward to working with Maheshbhai in serving the British Indian community and strengthening links with India.” 

Oshwal community leader Tusharbhai Shah said, “CB Patel has close relations with every society, and he is always there to serve the community.” Dr Natubhai Shah extended similar thoughts, saying, "I have been associated with Asian Voice Gujarat Samachar for many years. CB Patel has always rushed to give direction to society. “

Kantibhai Nagda, head of Sangat Centre and a well-known social worker said, “Change is the hallmark of progress.” Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Executive Director Dr M. N. Nandakumar chanted prayers to mark the auspicious occasion and a new beginning.

Guests included NCGO Vice President Jitubhai Patel, Social Worker Heeral Param Shah, Cllr Anjana Patel, Lohana Samaj leader Vinodbhai Thakrar, NCGO’s PRO Krishna Pujara, Chartered Accountant Kaushikbhai Desai, NCGO’s Deepak Patel, Rajesh Jain of Jain Vishwa Bharti, Dr Vinodbhai Kapasi, Sudha Kapasi, Chandreshbhai Patel from Shayona, Dineshbhai Sonchhatra of Major Estate, Mahendrabhai Pattani of Brent Hindu Council, PRO Rupal Pandya, Praveenbhai Amin of National Association of Patidar Samaj, Bhanubahen Ramanikbhai Mehta, Sharadbhai Parikh of Geeta Foundation, Arunaben Sharadbhai, Mahavir Foundation President Nirajbhai Sutaria, Sureshbhai Vagjiani, Paras Maisheri of Global Travel, Kamal Bhadresa, Bhavesh Kapadia, Alka Shah, Rajnibhai Shah, Photographers Raj Bakrania, Vineet Johri, Sanjeev Nanavati, Pravin Patel and Solicitor Shalini V Bhargava to name a few.

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