Asbos-style orders to apprehend Muslim radicals

Tuesday 30th September 2014 10:56 EDT
Anjem Choudary

Theresa May announced a government manifesto to prevent extremist preaching on the 30th of September. The orders will be named “extremist disruption orders” and will apply to any form of political hatred including Neo-Nazi teaching. This is a call to action after incidents such as the assault of Lee Rigby by brainwashed youth. Anjem Choudary, the man goading the killers on, was never formally charged. These new orders are aimed to simplify court proceedings and prevent the crimes in the first place. Including advanced security checks to stop extremist persons from gaining positions of influence and the vetting of public speakers at community events, the law will put a stop to the spread of vicious doctrines. The Home Office will organise a central knowledge and expertise hub to provide advice to the rest of the government, the public sector and non-governmental organisations.

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