An emotional and inspiring book launch ceremony of "Jeevan Ek Sur Anek" & "Tamara Vina"

Wednesday 21st September 2022 10:11 EDT

A highly emotional and inspiring book launch of Jyotsnaben Shah, Consulting Editor of "Gujarat Samachar" Gujarati books "Jeevan Ek Sur Anek" and "Tamara Vina" was concluded on Sunday 4th September 2022 at Navnat Centre, Hayes, London. The release ceremony was held at the hands of Lord Dolar Popat in the special presence of President of Navnat Vanik Association Dilipbhai Mithani, Editor-in-Chief of “Gujarat Samachar” and “Asian Voice” CB Patel, Kantibhai Nagda MBE, Nemubhai Chandaria OBE. A special video message was delivered by Lord Bhikhu Parekh and Lord Jitesh Gadhia. The program was successfully organized with support from "Gujarat Samachar", “Asian Voice" and Navnat Centre which was happily attended by about 400 people.
Lord Dolar Popat was introduced by Shri Subhash Thakrar, the former partner at Blackstone Frank and Chartered Accountant.
After the launch ceremony, Lord Popat said, “Smoothness of nature, simplicity and strength of pen are the hallmarks of Jyotsnaben. Jyotsnaben has wonderfully titled her books ‘Jeevan Ek Sur Anek’ (several tunes of single life). Life is full of struggles and problems. Instead of naming in one life, ‘problems are many’, she called it ‘several tunes’. That exhibits the character of her nature. A positive approach to seeing and appreciating life is revealed in this title. Along with her life story, the book also contains the history of her birthplace Dabhoi (ancient historical town of Darbhavati). Jyotsnaben has not only written about her own life but also her contemplative essays, travelogues and many interviews, including those with various saints, politicians, Bollywood actors, literaturists. She has provided an overview of the entire British society by covering program reports and different social events. If a student of journalism wants to refer about British society, this voluminous book of her will be of great benefit."
Lord Popat said, “The title of the second book is also touching. “Tamara Vina” (Without You). This book is a heartfelt tribute by Jyotsnaben to her late husband Shri D.R. Shah. The feeling that drips in each and every word of this book is enough to soak the reader. The fluent flow of language and emotions weaved in the writing inspires the reader to keep reading. Her books will be an inspiration to many.”
Lord Parekh was introduced by Shri Deepakbhai Patel, Treasurer of NCGO and Sardar Memorial Committee. He said that Lord Bhikhu Parekh was to perform the launch ceremony of these books but due to unavoidable circumstances he had to travel to India, so he had shared his response and observations on these books through a video message
Lord Bhikhu Parekh in his video message said, “The occasion of book release brings joy as well as pride and glory. We personally have relations with Jyotsnaben since Dabhoi and Vadodara. In these books, apart from her life, Jyotsnaben has written important interviews, character sketches and has also covered important events. I have not read such a book till date, which has its own life story along with other inclusives. Jyotsnaben has created a new trend that will also inspire others. This is an autobiography written without any bias. The book presents a balanced view without any hatred and without showing any emotions towards anyone. Jyotsnaben has written about her life experiences – it is about how to live life. The book "Jeevan Ek Sur Anek" is about the enthusiasm and joys of life, while "Tamara Vina" is about the limitations of life. It is important to note that the words in the books are full of sorrow and pain, but without any hatred. The book is presented in a wonderful language, where each and every word carries tears. Anyone who reads this book will get those feelings from deep inside - firstly, who was Late Dineshbhai and secondly, how loving, dedicated he was and how much love and attachment his wife had towards him. This book becomes an important piece of literature. Both books describe how to live life and how to accept death."
Lord Gadhia in his video message said, “I am fortunate that I know Jyotsnaben for the last three decades. I had the privilege of meeting her first because of my long and close association with Shri CB Patel. When I was a university student I worked at New Life (now Asian Voice) during my summer holidays. I consider myself an honorary member of the Gujarat Samachar family. Jyotsnaben is not just a journalist, but an ambassador – of Gujarat Samachar, Gujarati language, Diaspora, literature and culture. With the encouragement of Late D.R. Shah, Jyotsnaben was able to do justice not only in journalism but also in the field of education. She is an influential role model for the coming generations and these books will guide everyone.”
Dilipbhai Mithani, President of Navnat Vanik Association, said, “Jyotsnaben D.R. Shah is the pride of our society. The release ceremony taking place at Navnat Hall is for not one but two books of Mrs. Shah "Jeevan Ek, Sur Anek" and "Tamara Vina". Weddings, engagements, evening celebrations, plays, music concerts, lectures, religious-social-cultural programs are held in Navnat Hall but for the first time, Gujarati books are being launched. It gives me immense happiness and pride for Navnat Samaj. Congratulations Jyotsnaben. Gujarat Samachar and Asian Voice weekly and its Editor-in-Chief C.B. Patel for making us a part of this event as a result of which you all became our guests. C.B. Patel's newspapers are serving the society and bringing various news to the wider community.”
Editor-in-Chief of "Gujarat Samachar" and "Asian Voice" CB Patel said, "I don't remember anyone writing such a book on Pati Bhakti (Devotion to Spouse) in Gujarati literature. We are festive, that's why we live longer. Today we are celebrating ‘spouse dedication’. Shri D. R. Shah has provided an excellent example of how one should live. Social service is the hallmark of the Jain Community. Navnat Samaj Centre is a place where Krishna Bhakti is also practiced and Tirthankaras are also respected. This centre is the largest in Britain in line with the characteristic of having a huge and open heart of the Vanik community. The services provided by Navnat Centre in times of Covid pandemic have touched humanity. The highlight of Navnat Centre are the two thousand families associated with it.
Jyotsnaben joined Gujarat Samachar in 1983. She is also a wonderful teacher. Her services as a teacher during the pandemic period are unforgettable. It was like she worked for her seven generations. She made her three granddaughters speak and write Gujarati. The ‘road less travelled’ taken by Jyotsnaben will be an inspiration for women's empowerment. This release will now inspire many. The life experiences of Jyotsnaben and Late D.R. Shah teaches us how to have dedication, affection and respect towards one's spouse.”
Kantibhai Nagda MBE said, "I have been associated with Jyotsnaben since the day she joined Gujarat Samachar. D.R's contribution to the society is also significant. The couple has always readily helped any known or unknown person who came to them with a personal problem, be it related to immigration or benefit claim, maternal issue, intermediate questions or a query by a new-comer student."
Nemubhai Chandaria OBE said, "Since Jyotsanaben joined Gujarat Samachar as a journalist, she has attended and covered most events of the Jain community. She is respected in the society for her simplicity and affability. D.R also, a banker and later a financial advisor, helped many to get settled. His caring nature has made many his fans."
In a highly emotional moment and with tears in her eyes, Jyotsnaben Shah said, “Today is a mixed day of happiness and sadness for me. I am happy that today my husband DR's dream of launching the book "Jeevan Ek Sur Anek" in London is being realised. However, it is indeed sad that he is no more. I never dreamt that I would have to pay tribute to him by the launch of this book.
Humans have no control over destiny. However, the consolation is that he lived every moment of his life. He had been active throughout his life. Considering others' pain as his own, he tried to do everything he could. He has indeed left the fragrance of good deeds. He lived with dignity and his life has became his message. Though he is not present personally his subtle form is giving me the courage and inspiration to live.”

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