All women should learn self-defence

Friday 30th April 2021 08:11 EDT

Zee Jogi, who belongs to  Blackburn thinks that all women should learn self defence irrespective of their religion or culture. Jogi is a qualified self-defence and restraint instructor, Muay Thai Kickboxing instructor and fitness trainer. With over 15 years- experience, the 32-year-old qualified last year and started working as part of the ZS Defence Academy, a community organisation teaching girls as young as 10 and targeting women in the South Asian community as well as vulnerable women involved in domestic abuse. She said: “As part of our many projects, we support female domestic abuse victims, and my main aim is to help girls learn how to stay safe. It’s just breaking the stigma as well in the South-Asian community because it is quite a male dominated sport. I think all women should learn how to fight, especially south Asian women because it is not the norm for them.”

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