25-year-old forged degree as he was afraid of telling mum he failed

Wednesday 24th June 2015 08:09 EDT

25-year-old Himesh Patel, forged a degree certificate and worked as a pharmacist at Hawton Medical Centre in 2014. It is said that he was afraid of informing his mother about failing at university.

An investigation took place in November 2014, which ultimately exposed Patel.

Himesh Patel admitted to one count of fraud by false representation, as well as one of forging letters and a degree certificate at Swindon Magistrates Court 3rd June 2015.

Prosecutor James Burnham said, “He [Himesh Patel] made out that he was a fully qualified pharmacist when sadly he had failed his examinations. The certificate and the letters attached to it gave the impression he was qualified for the role. There is substantial breach of trust in terms of public confidence, if people are being dispensed with drugs from someone making out to be a qualified pharmacist.”

Defending Patel, Carolina Bracken said, “This effectively starts with a young man unable to pluck up the courage to tell his parents he has failed to pass his university exams. He is one of seven in the family who have entered the pharmaceutical industry, and when he failed at the end of two years he simply didn't know how to go home and tell his family.”

Bracken further stated, “He created his degree certificate because his mum thought it strange she hadn't seen it. The sentencing guidelines to not cover making a fraudulent representation to your mother.”

Linda Raine, the Chair of the bench stated, “The length of his dishonesty was considerable, and the potential risk to the public was large enough that the public confidence in the pharmacy system was put at risk.”

Himesh Patel was granted conditional bail. He is not to go to Hawthorn Medical Centre or contact any of the employees, unless it is through solicitors. He is due to return to Swindon Crown Court for sentencing.  

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