Nikki Haley out of the race but still getting votes in primaries

Wednesday 15th May 2024 07:17 EDT

COLUMBIA: Nikki Haley is set to reconnect with donors who backed her now-ended Republican presidential bid, marking her return to the public sphere amid ongoing support in select state primaries, despite Donald Trump’s dominance as the presumptive GOP nominee.

Haley will convene approximately 100 donors in Charleston as gesture of gratitude, according to sources familiar with the arrangements. Reportedly, Haley’s appearances won’t involve an endorsement of Trump or a plea for donor support for any other candidates, according to reports.

Haley’s ability to garner a noteworthy portion of the vote in certain primaries where her name still lingers on ballots underscores the fractures within the Republican Party as Trump advances toward a potential rematch with Democratic President Joe Biden, reports said.

Despite bowing out of the race after a series of defeats by Trump in the Super Tuesday contests in early March, Haley managed to secure over 21% of the votes in Indiana’s primary. Subsequently, in Pennsylvania, she clinched nearly 17% of the primary vote. Similar levels of support followed in Arizona shortly after her withdrawal.

Before her withdrawal, Haley commanded nearly 27% of the votes in Michigan and received 13% of the Georgia GOP vote following her exit.

Indiana’s open primary system allows any registered voter to participate in either party’s primary. While the Trump campaign has alleged, without substantiation, that Haley’s support stems from Democrats, President Biden’s campaign has attributed her success in Indiana to Trump’s challenges in suburban areas.

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