Katy Perry hurts sentiments with her 'Current Mood'

Friday 21st April 2017 06:20 EDT

American singer Katy Perry faced the wrath of several religious Hindus as she uploaded a photo of a deity on her Instagram page. Putting up a photo of Goddess Kali, with a caption reading 'Current Mood' Perry instigated several social media users, most of them Indians. It wasn't long before her page was flooded with reactions and comments.

Several users accused Perry of being “insensitive”. “U should not show Ur emotions or feelings in the name of goddess or their images bcoz we Hindus worship them images of God are not a toy better remove it (sic),” wrote Satya Prasanna. Another user wrote, “@katyperry you think this is a good IMG to show your mood but not any Hindu think like that this is not good idea to represent you mood using some IMG if God not just Hindu but any religious.”

Some users were definitely on her side, giving Perry the benefit of the doubt and asking others to stop abusing her. “In which way is this picture offensive. You Indians please stop getting offended in every petty issues and do something productive (sic),” wrote Koyena Chakrawarti. “Pls stop over reacting on her post...instead see what other bastards (non Indians) r writing ewww, satanic n all. U should try to teach other morons who r being insolent on this pic... Katy dint disrespect our goddess but definitely others,” wrote another user.

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