Biden campaign woos Haley voters as poll shows Trump ignores them

Wednesday 03rd April 2024 07:38 EDT

WASHINGTON: The Biden-Harris 2024 has released a new ad making a direct appeal to Nikki Haley voters to join the Biden-Harris coalition. The 30-second spot, “Save America. Join Us,” highlights Donald Trump’s repeated insults of Nikki Haley and her supporters - and underscores his active refusal of their support. In the ad, Trump tells a reporter asking how he plans to bring Haley voters into his column, “I’m not sure we need too many.”

“Donald Trump has made it crystal clear he doesn’t want support from voters who cast their ballot for Nikki Haley so let us be equally clear: there is a home for everyone on this campaign who knows Donald Trump cannot be back in the White House,” said Communications Director Michael Tyler.

Using the recent Republican primary results to determine the ad’s placement, this seven-figure, video-centric ad flight will run for three weeks in eight key battleground states, targeting Nikki Haley voters in predominantly suburban ZIP codes where she performed well against Trump. The ad will run across a wide array of digital platforms including Meta, YouTube, connected TV, and online video.

ABC News has reported that two in ten to as many as three in ten Republican primary voters in Ohio continued to resist Trump’s 2024 candidacy - and among those supporting Nikki Haley, nearly half in its exit poll of Ohio’s GOP primary said they’d back Joe Biden in November.

Despite Trump having sewn up his party’s nomination, ABC News said, 20% of Ohio GOP primary voters would be dissatisfied with Trump as the nominee, while 22% said he lacks the temperament to serve effectively and 28% said he wouldn’t be fit for office if convicted of a crime.

At the end of the day, 18% said they wouldn’t support Trump in November, with 10% of that number preferring Biden and 8% saying they wouldn’t vote for either. Nationally, 6% of Republicans voted for Biden in 2020. ABC pointed out that non-participation by some Republicans would be a further risk for Trump.

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