British couple gets drunk and buys hotel in Lanka

Wednesday 17th October 2018 02:32 EDT

Colombo: A British couple after a night of partying and alcohol in Sri Lanka made a crazy decision of buying a hotel. They bought a a hotel for Rs 29,00,000 while honeymooning in Sri Lanka. According to reports, Gina Lyons, 33, and Mark Lee, 35, were on a three week backpacking honeymoon to Sri Lanka in December 2017. On their very first night, after drinking multiple glasses of rum, the pair learnt that the hotel's lease was about to expire. After finding out that the lease was £10,000 for a year, the couple immediately decided to take up the lease of the hotel they were staying at for £30,000 or Rs 29,00,000. The lease extends for a period of three years.

The next day the pair met an old couple to talk about renewing the lease. However, not understanding much of the conversation, the couple filled the conversation with more drinks before eventually agreeing to pay £15,000 for the first year and the rest by March 2019. Thus Mark and Gina became the official owners of the hotel on July 1 this year, renaming it the 'Lucky Beach Tangalle'. While the couple's friends and family think they made a stupid decision, the gamble seems to have paid off as the hotel now has several customers and is doing well.

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