Poem for Modi goes viral

Tuesday 21st April 2020 15:22 EDT

A heartfelt poem written by Mrs Aparna Madhvani, daughter in law of the renowned industrialist Manubhai Madhvani, dedicated to India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone viral.

The poem was composed in tribute to Prime Minister Modi’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic and his historic call to Indian citizens to turn off their lights for 9 minutes on Sunday 5th April by lighting a candle, divas and mobile flashlights to display the nation's collective spirit to defeat Coronavirus. Thousands of British Indians also took part in the lighting of candles here in the UK.

Aparna Madhvani’s poem touches on the positivity that Modi’s initiative brought and how it helped unify a country in its response to this indiscriminating virus. Aparna felt lighting divas brought peace and hope in people’s hearts across the world.

Aparna is the wife of Shrai Madhvani. Shrai, along with his older brother Kamlesh and their uncle Mayur Madhvani manage the Madhvani Group which has been the backbone of the Ugandan economy for over 100 years. The Group have created thousands of jobs, assisted many Government programmes and helped to make Uganda the strongly developing economy that it is today.

Aparna welcomed Prime Minister Modi to Uganda on his official visit in July 2018. Her poem echoed the sentiments of thousands who were inspired by Modi’s steadfast leadership during this unprecedented time.

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