Nikki Haley mocks Trump and Biden in hilarious ‘grumpy old men’ ad

Wednesday 07th February 2024 05:47 EST

New York: Nikki Haley, the Republican presidential hopeful, has launched a new offensive against her potential rivals in the 2024 race, Donald Trump from her own party and Joe Biden from the Democrats. She has unveiled a series of political ads that mock their age.

The ads, which have the theme of ‘Grumpy Old Men,’ are part of Haley’s explicit strategy to target the age factor of the two men who are likely to be the nominees of their respective parties for the presidency. The ads have titles such as Stumbling Seniors, Basement Buddies and Profligate Pols, according to the New York Times.

Haley, who served as the governor of South Carolina and the US ambassador to the United Nations, also posted an image on X that shows a modified version of the movie poster of the 1993 comedy Grumpy Old Men, starring Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau. She replaced the actors’ faces with those of Biden and Trump.

Haley’s aim is to draw attention to the fact that Trump, 77, and Biden, 81, are the oldest candidates ever to seek re-election to the White House.

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