China seizes 150 hectares of Nepal

Monday 09th November 2020 04:14 EST

In a recent report published by the Telegraph,  the Himalayan nation’s politicians alleged that China has seized 150 hectares of Nepal. This has triggered the beginning of a heightened Chinese aggression along the border. Chinese allegedly began seizing Nepali land in five frontier districts in May, sending members of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) across undefended areas of the border, Telegraph reported. 

It is being reported that in Humla districts, PLA troops had crossed the border into the Limi Valley and Hilsa by moving stone pillars which were previously demarcating the boundary. The Daily Telegraph claims to have seen images of the bases. “Why should China come over into Nepal, when China is already sixty times the size of our small country?” Telegraph quoted Jivan Bahadur Shahi, a lawmaker in the Nepali Congress Party. 

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