France seeks India's help to bring Ukraine-Russia war to end

Wednesday 01st March 2023 05:36 EST

Ahead of a resolution in the UNGA on the Ukraine war anniversary, French diplomatic sources stated that they are in touch with India on the slash and endorsed PM Narendra Modi’s statement that this isn’t the era of war, even as they admitted India was unlikely to vote on the upcoming resolution in criticizing Russia.

Noting that France and EU didn’t exactly share the same position on the Ukraine issue, French sources also said that ties between India and Russia can be used as a channel to work for peace.

According to the source, “As you know, there is an important link between the Indian and Russian governments, and we ask the Indian government to use these links with the Russian counterparts to help us in a way towards peace. It’s a long way. It’s a long process.”

One of the French authorities stated that France and India have a “very fruitful” partnership and a history of intense political dialogue that allows them to discuss all issues, even the complex ones.

Asked if India would again abstain from voting in UNGA on the Ukraine-Russia conflict, they said India is not very likely to join one side or another but they are “working on it”.

“It’s always a question of balance…We do have contact with the political leaders of India. At this stage, we still don’t know what will be the position of the government. Most likely it will be abstention but we are still working on it. We have a very candid discussion with them. There is no secret agenda or whatever. So then it’s their decision,” a French diplomatic source said.

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