HFE: Making the Hindu community more visible and relevant in Europe

Tuesday 04th September 2018 13:41 EDT

The Hindu Forum of Europe (HFE) is the umbrella organisation for Hindu Communities throughout Europe, which has a Hindu population of more than two million. The HFE showcase Hinduism's contribution to Europe in the form of commerce, ethics and spirituality, diversified physical and mental health practices, cultural customs, literature and colourful festival with dance, music and art.

The first elected president of HFE was Sudharshan Bhatia. Currently Dr. Lakshmi Vyas is the President of HFE from 2016.

The objectives of HFE are a) To make Hinduism relevant and visible in Europe b) Get recognition for Hinduism as a religion. c) Provide support to the European Government and citizen in building communities that are cohesive and integrated. d) Spread the Hindu ethos of mutual respect, value, belief, interfaith, friendship and peaceful co-existence. e) Encourage youngsters in the European Politics.

HFE provides support and assistance to many Member organisation from Europe. The priorities are a) To get Government recognition for Hinduism as a Religion in Europe. B) Create awareness on the positive contributions of Hindu Communities in Europe c) Help Hindu minorities that are being persecuted and/or discriminated around the world by creating awareness in Europe especially at the EU institutions. d)Combat, discrimination, hate crimes and speech and Monitor textbooks in Europe on how they portray Hinduism

Today, HFE is has strong relationships and dialogues with human rights advocacy bodies like COMECE, KEK, ENORB, RFP, ECLR and Metropolitan Police, UK. HFE Liaises with EU Parliament and EU Commission. HFE participates and represents at High Level Religious Leader’s meetings and conducts Dialogues with Vatican City on Conversions and racism. Celebration of Diwali, Dussera and Holi as public festival is norm in many countries of Europe.

HFE is instrumental in making the Hindu community more visible and relevant in Europe.

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