Burkini-wearing French women fined on beach

Saturday 20th August 2016 06:37 EDT

A group of ten women in Cannes were fined for wearing burkinis on the beach. Aged 29 to 57, they were at the Riviera resort, with their childen when police officers questioned them over their clothes. While four of them were given a fine of €38 (£33) each, others were issued warnings and asked to leave.

Mayor of Cannes, David Lisnard had sparked quite a controversy after calling for a burkini ban last week. He said, "I took this decision among several other rulings to make sure my city is safe in the context of the state of emergency." Groups had even challenged the ruling in court, but the judge said it was legal under French law "in the context of the state of emergency and recent Islamist attacksm notably in Nice a month ago".

Muslim groups have expressed their dissent with the fine. A source said the group of women were young mothers and grandmothers and they did "not believe they are criminals". Adding, "All were very upset at the way they were treated."

Slowly, the ban is being called over European states. Lionnel Luca, Mayor of Villeneuve-Loubet called the garment off and said it was for sanitary reasons.

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