China to launch human trials of Covid-19 vaccine

Wednesday 25th March 2020 05:36 EDT

Beijing: Months after the Covid-19 outbreak that has claimed over 8,000 lives across the globe, researchers in China are now preparing for human safety tests of a vaccine in an attempt to develop a shot against novel coronavirus.

China has given approval to researchers at People’s Liberation Army-affiliated Academy of Military Medical Sciences to begin initial clinical trials of the anti-Covid-19 experimental vaccine. Hong Kong-listed biotech firm CanSino Biologics will join China’s Academy of Military Medical Sciences to conduct the trial.

According to the clinical trial registration database of China, the first phase of the trial between March 16 and December 31 aims to test whether the experimental vaccine is safe in humans, for which 108 healthy people will be roped in.

As the race to develop a shot to fight the virus hots up, US scientists said that clinical trials for a vaccine developed by its National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the biotech firm Moderna are already underway.

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