UK judge calls for an online court to cut cost

Wednesday 03rd August 2016 06:19 EDT

LONDON: A senior judge has called for an online court that does not require lawyers and can deal with claims of up to 25,000 British Pound. Lord Justice Briggs, a Court of Appeal judge supported the pilot online court scheme, which could result in tens of thousands of cases being dealt with annually online. He said, "The online court project offers a radically new and different procedural and cultural approach to the resolution of civil disputes." The suggestion was part of his proposal, a package of reforms to the civil justice system, drawn by Lord Briggs himself. While no one knows just how exactly his court will ensure a trained professional on the internet, no one knows, but the justice said it will be a lot cheaper to run. Lord Brigg's report said the computer court would provide "effective access to justice without having to incur the disproportionate cost of using lawyers."

Welsh woman 'imprisoned by father' for 'kissing a guy'

RIYADH: A 21 year old Welsh woman approached a British High Court judge for help, after claiming she has been kept imprisoned by her father in Saudi Arabia because she "kissed a boy". Amina Al-Jeffery said she is banned from using the internet, phone and bathroom. She added that her father hit her and she has "metal bars" on her bedroom door. With a dual British and Saudi Arabian nationality, Amina describes herself as a "locked-up girl with a shaved head." Her father, Mohammed Al-Jeffery moved to Saudi Arabia from South Wales four years back, disputes his daughter's allegations. Judge analysing the case, Justice Holman said he had to consider whether he had the power to make orders relating to a woman abroad. He said the "right thing" might be to order that she has taken to the British Consulate in Jeddah and that is she sought sanctuary, Foriegn Office staff would have to make decisions.

26 dead as floods hit bus carrying wedding party

PESHAWAR: A government official said flash floods caused by monsoon rains killed 26 people as it swept away a bus carrying a wedding party in northwest Pakistan. Local administration official Iqbal Khan said several passengers were also injured in Saturday's incident in the Landi Kotal tribal region bordering Afghanistan, adding that it was unclear whether the bride and groom were travelling in the same bus. Another local government official, Rahimullah Mehsud said, "Rescue operation has been completed, dead bodies of 26 people had been retrieved." The deceased include 18 children and six women. Pakistan National Disaster Management Authority said that as many as 55 people have died across the country ever since the rains began in July.

Death toll in floods, landslides rises to 73 in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Death toll in floods and landslides over the last three days in Nepal rose to 73, as stated by a government official. Home Affairs Ministry spokesperson Yadav Koirala said seven people died, also stating that the toll could soon climb further despite search and rescue efforts being underway. "Over 30 people have been injured while 76 houses have sustained permanent damage," he said. The worst-affected district is Pyunthan, where 34 people have lost their lives and another six remain missing. Nepal's Central Natural Disaster Relief Committee has sought some $7 million from the government for relief efforts in the affected region. Emergency teams have conducted several rescue operations and saved more than a hundred people. This year's monsoon could lead to a higher-than-usual death toll, the Home Affairs Ministry said.

Bangladesh foils cafe-like attack bid, 9 jihadis killed

DHAKA: Bangladesh police killed nine militants who were believed to have planning an attack similar to the one on the cafe on July 1, that killed 22 people. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said Bangladesh "averted a major terror attack because of the raid" that was carried out on the support of intelligence reports. Operation Storm 26 was carried out by the police's special Swat unit, elite anti-crime Rapid Action Battalion, and detectives, all together, by raiding Jahaz Building in Kalyanpur on the outskirts of Dhaka. Militants in the building who are believed to be members of Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh, fought the squads shouting "Allahu Akbar". Police chief Shahidul Hoque said, "They were wearing black outfits, turbans, and had backpacks similar to the outfits the attackers in the cafe had. They were plotting a major attack in the capital like that in the restaurant." He said a wounded militant was cpatured while another managed to escape.

IS-linked militants kill priest in France

SAINT-ETIENNE-DU-ROUVRAY: Two knife-wielding attackers linked to the Islamic State "assassinated" an elderly priest while he conducted Mass at a church in France, taking nuns and worshippers hostage afterwards. The victim was identified by Archbishop of Rouen Dominique Lebrun as Rev. Jacques Hamel, 86. The siege ended when the hostage-takers were "neutralised" at the church in the town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray, police said. Prime Minister Manuel Valls said he was horrified by the "barbaric" attack, and Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said, "A person was assassinated and another seriously injured." Police SWAT teams arrived and tried to negotiate with the captors. Paris prosecutor Francois Molins said they attempted to storm the church, but the assailants used three hostages as a "curtain" in front of the door.

Protest escalates in PoK over rigged polls

NEELAM VALLEY: Residents of the Neelum Valley in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, took to the streets in protest against the rigged July 21 elections which was won by Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz party. Protesters burnt Pakistani flag, raised slogans against the government, blackened election posters, and blocked traffic as they clashed with police personnel on duty. Locals allege elections in PoK are always fixed in favour of the ruling party in Pakistan, while political parties questioned the authenticity of the elections. The PML-N scored 31 out of 41 seats, while the Muslim Conference and Pakistan People's Party bagged three seats each. The Pakistan Human Rights Group has confirmed the allegations of corrupt practices, involving money and muscle power.

Pak man shoots dead two sisters in ‘honour killings’

LAHORE: In yet another case of 'honour' killing, a man murdered his two sisters on the eve of their weddings, in Punjab province of Pakistan. Kosar, 22, and Gulzar Bibi, 28, were shot dead by their 35 year old brother Nasir Hussain who objected to the love matches the women had chosen for themselves. Senior police officer Mehar Riaz said, "Hussain objected to the love matches and had wanted the women to marry someone within the extended family." He added, "The brother shot dead both the sisters yesterday and fled the site. It is a simple case of killing for honour." Father Atta Mohammed grieved saying his son had "destroyed everything". "He ruined my family, he destroyed us, he destroyed everything." The number of alleged 'honour' killings have increased in Pakistan as women are murdered by relatives in the nation each year. Law minister has announced bills aimed to tackle "honour killings" and boosting rape convictions.

Turkey kills 35 militants after they try to storm base

DIYARBAKIR: Turkey army killed 35 Kurdish militants after they made an attempt to storm a base in the southeastern Hakkari province on Saturday. The attack came mere hours after clashes broke out between soldiers from Hakkari's Cukurca district, and militants from the Kurdistan Workers Party. The militants divided in three different group, were spotted by aerial reconnaissance. Very soon an air operation was launched, killing 23 of them, while four others were killed in a ground operation. The remaining eight were killed in clashes. NATO's second-largest, Turkey's military is currently facing an insurgency as senior level officers undergo a major shake-up following the July 15-16 coup failure.

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