Attacker shouts 'Allahu akbar' as he stabs Jew in Strasbourg

Wednesday 24th August 2016 07:17 EDT

PARIS: A Jewish man was stabbed on the street in Strasbourg by an attacker who reportedly cried "Allahu Akbar" before he carried out the assault. The 62 year old who was wearing a skullcap, endured injuries to the stomach. Local media reported the victim managed to get away from his attacker, and took refuge in a nearby bar where he removed the knife from his stomach himself. He was helped by customers and staff who barricaded the doors to keep the assailant out, and called the police and an ambulance. While the suspect is in custody, police suggest he has psychiatric issues and was involved in a vicious attack on a Jewish man in 2010.

US Muslim boy forced to sign Daesh confession

NEW YORK: A 12 year old Pakistani-American special needs student was forced by a school to sign a false confession stating he was part of the Islamic State and wanted to blow up the school fence. In a $25 million lawsuit filed by the Muslim family from Long Island, they said their son Nashwan Uppal was taunted by his classmates and repeatedly asked by school officials if he was a terrorist, if he made bombs, and if he knew who "Osama" was. The boy, who has severe learning and social disabilities was harassed by bullies, who continued even when he moved to another table. The suit says that Uppal was pulled from gym class by Superintendent John Dolan, Principal Mark Bernard and Assistant Principal Jason Stanton, and interrogated. "Stanton repeatedly asked Nashwan if he was a terrorist and if he made bombs in his house," it read. When he said no, Stanton allegedly yelled "Don't lie to us!" The boy was forced to write a confession saying he was "part of Daesh, knew how to make bombs, that he had bombs in his house, and that he was going to blow up the school fence."

Pak man stabs, slits second wife's throat for 'honour'

KARACHI: Around 14 years after he killed his first wife, a man from Pakistan murdered his second by repeatedly stabbing her before slitting her throat with a knife. Rahim Daad killed Farzana, 35, inside their home in Sindh. He confesses to the murder in the name of honour during interrogation. The couple had an argument over an issue following which Farzana wanted to leave Daad and the house. Eventually, he took out his knife and killed her. One of the latest in "honour" killings, Daad had killed his first wife citing she too had shamed the family.

100 hurt as Bangla villagers clash over Indian serial

DHAKA: A scuffle broke out between villagers over the plot of Indian fantasy television serial, leaving 100 people injured. Police said residents of Habiganj had gathered at a restaurant to watch 'Kiranmala', a famous Bengali-language show, when the fight erupted. Local police chief Yasinul Haque said, "Two men got involved into an argument over the story of the episode, which later turned into a group skirmish. During the fight, the angry mob vandalised the restaurant and continued the fight." This is not the first time the show has sparked protests. Suicides of three young women were linked to the show last year, after their parents reportedly refused to buy them an expensive dress worn by the protagonist.

Boy, 6, killed defending mom from rapist in SA

NORTHERN CAPE: A six year old was stabbed to death while fighting off a man from raping his mother. Kutlwano Garesape's mother, Segomotso said she and her two sons were on their way to school when the incident occurred. A man who "appeared out of nowhere" grabbed her shoulder and asked her for money. When she refused, he became angry and attacked her, pushing her to the ground. She said, her son began to kick and slap the man screaming "Let go of my mommy, it is my mommy." "Thabiso was scared but Kutlwano kept on defending me. I could feel that the man was pulling my skirt with his other hand and realised that he wanted to rape me." Distracted by Kutlwano, the attacker put all his anger on the kid, threw him into the air before strangling and stabbing him.

IS claims 1st terror attack in Russia

MOSCOW: The Islamic State has carried out its first terror attack in Russia, after two supporters attempted to murder police officers. Both the men, who were armed with a gun and two axes, were killed during the assault at a traffic post on a motorway in Balashika. Russia's Investigative Committee said one of the men was shot dead while attacking the post and the other was killed when he put up "armed resistance". The organisation's propaganda agency later released a video of the attackers, showing them pledging allegiance to leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The two men were reported to be of Chechen descent. Separatists and Islamist groups from Chechnya have long been fighting wars and an insurgency against Russia.

Highest-ever rise in Islamophobic tweets in July

Over 7000 Islamophobic tweets in English were sent every day in July, as revealed in a survey conducted by Thinktank Demos. The numbers show a huge increase from the 2,500 per day in April. They found 215,247 tweets sent in English that were "highly likely" to be intended as anti-Islamic and derogatory. The first peah of 21,190 was seen on 15 July, a day after the Nice attack that claimed 85 lives, and the second, was on 17 July, with 10,610 tweets sent after the coup in Turkey. Research Director, Demos, Carl Miller said the tweets were not showing anger at ISIS but at "the wider Muslim world". He added that the posts were "damaging and tremendously problematic", however, only a "thin sliver" were actually illegal. "Only when there's an actual threat to life are people actually breaking the law and, therefore, people that are in the online space are actually far less protected than the offline space when it comesto receiving the kind of abuse."

Dad kills 4-month-old by punching her 22 times

CHICAGO: A father allegedly murdered his four month old daughter to silence her "baby talk" while he was watching television. Cory Morris, 21, from Minneapolis, has been charged with second-degree murder for allegedly punching Emersyn in her face and chest. Charges against him say he called the police on August 13 and admitted he had killed his daughter. The police arrived to his place to find the 4 month old unconscious on a changing table. Alone with the kid during the time of the incident, Morris said he punched the child approximatley 15 times in the face and 7 times in the chest with a closed fist, then squeezed her chest with his hands to quiet her. He lated called his mother and wife and said "I did something bad".

Indian girl found dead in NY, stepmom charged with murder

NEW YORK: Stepmother of a nine year old Indian girl who was found dead in her house, has been charged for her murder. Ashdeep Kaur, who had moved to Queens from India, lived with her father Sukhjinder Singh and stepmother Arjun Samdhi Pardas, was found dead in the bathtub of the house with bruises on her body. Pardas, 55, is charged with murderfor allegedly strangling the victim. Their housemate had seen Ashdeep going into the bathroom with Pardas, who later came out alone and left the building. She allegedly said the girl was taking a bath. But when she did not come out, the housemant discovered her lifeless body in the tub with no water.

Iraq executes 36 convicted of taking part in '14 massacre

BAGHDAD: Iraq executed 36 men convicted of participating in the Islamic State's massacre of hundreds of soldiers in 2014. Officials said the men were hanged at the Nasiriyah prison in southern Iraq. The IS captured an estimated 1,700 soldiers after seizing Saddam Hussein's hometown Tikrit. Shortly after, they posted graphic images of gunmen shooting the men dead after forcing them to lie facedown in a shallow ditch. The massacre sparked outrage across the region and even provoked the mobilisation of Shia militias in the fight against the terrorist outfit. Iraqi forces arrested dozens of men allegedly linked to the killings, with the help of US-led air strikes.

Gen Sharif to be made honorary field marshal?

ISLAMABAD: With Pakistan's General Raheel Sharifs' term comes to an end, and no official word on an extension, a new angle has been proposed by analysts. Leading political commentator, Arif Nizami said the government, in consultation with General Sharif, has formally decided to promote him as field marshal, a ceremonial position, for his services. "It's an honorary position with symbolic value for recognition of someone's services in the military. It's the army chief who commands the troops and not the field marshal," said Dr Hassan Askari Rizvi. "In appointing the new chief, the PM will look for someone who could be easily handled. For the PM, the appointment of a new Army chief will provide him some breathing space to overcome the ongoing civil-military tension. Traditionally, in Pakistan, it takes some time for new Army chief to settle down."

Pak mob beats mother as son doesn't resemble her

LAHORE: A woman who was mistaken as a child abductor, was thrashed by a mob in Lahore when she allegedly tried to sneak into a house to steal. Sadia, of Bogiwal, got injured after she was beaten up by people who got suspicious as "her complexion did not match with her son". Since the kid did not resemble his mother, they began beating up the woman. However, she was rescued by a nearby family and handed over to the police, who later confirmed that the boy was indeed her son, and let her free. She has refused to register a complaint against the mob.

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