5 Indians in Time-100 health list

Wednesday 08th May 2024 07:58 EDT

Washington: Time has released the list of 100 people who will bring big changes in the field of health in 2023. There are also five scientists of Indian origin among them. Know about these 5 personalities of India or Indian origin, who performed unprecedentedly.

Dr Alka Dwivedi: Launched 'NextCar19' for the treatment of blood cancer

Dr Alka Dwivedi is a fellow of the National Cancer Institute of America. She has developed 'NextCar19' therapy to fight blood cancer. In India, treatment with this therapy will cost Rs 30,00,000 to 40,00,000. It is 10 times cheaper than CAR-T prevalent worldwide. CAR-T therapy costs £300,000 to 400,000.

Dr Avindra Nath: Found the cause of extreme fatigue in women.

Dr Avindra Nath of the National Institute of Neurology Disorders and Stroke found the cause of chronic fatigue syndrome. This syndrome, which usually occurs in women, causes complaints of extreme fatigue, sleep problems and severe pain. Nath said that in this syndrome, problems arise due to over-activity of the immune system.

Dr Venkat Shastri: New way to identify Alzheimer's through blood test

Dr Venkat Shastri, CEO of LG Path of America, discovered a new way of testing Alzheimer's. After this discovery, doctors can now identify Alzheimer's early through a simple blood test. He and his company are now also working on early detection of Parkinson's disease through this technology.

Dr Vivek Murthy: Program made to remove loneliness among youth

Dr Vivek Murthy, working as a general surgeon in America, saw the problem of loneliness the most among college students and youth. While being the American Surgeon General, he started efforts to deal with it. Because of this, educational institutions and companies started making programs to overcome loneliness.

Dr Sumbul Desai: Vice President of Apple Health is taking on mental health with the use of tech.

Dr Sumbul Desai, along with researchers from the University of California, has developed the Apple Watch to learn about depression. And used iPhone. Research has shown that sleeping late, staying at home more, sitting for more time and less exercise are the causes of depression.

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