10th century Buddha statue finally returns to India

Wednesday 18th May 2022 07:10 EDT

SAN FRANCISCO: A stolen ancient Indian artefact of a ‘Buddha in Dharma Chakra Mudra’ was handed over to India’s Consul General TV Nagendra Prasad by the US Department of Justice and Department of Homeland Security representatives.

At a solemn ceremony held at the historic Gadar Memorial, the US team, led by Supervisory Special Agent Chad Fredrickson, handed over the 10th-century bronze statue back to India.

The statue was believed to have been stolen in February 1967 from India’s Archeological Survey of India Museum in Nalanda. The statue was acquired by intermediaries and donated to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) where it was exhibited.

At the request of ASI, the US Department of Justice acquired the stolen piece and initiated the process of repatriation to India in November 2021.

The Consulate in a statement expressed deep appreciation to DoJ and the Department of Homeland Security led by Fredrickson, Supervisory Special Agent Raffi Guluzian, Special Agent David Keller, Public Affairs Specialist Marie Ferguson, and Assistant Attorney Amanda Bettinelli for their contributions in returning the precious statue to India.

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