Foreign Surrogacy on a Rise in the UK

Tuesday 10th March 2015 06:29 EDT

Official figures reveal that the number of British parents who choose foreign surrogates to have their children have risen.

In 2011, 117 parental orders were issued by the family courts; given to some children born under surrogacy. However, the figures which are due to be published show that it rose to 240 last year. In 2013, approximately 1,500 British parents had their child through foreign surrogates.

In Eastern European countries, such as Georgia and Ukraine, women charge around £12,000 to carry and give birth to the child. However, in India, surrogates charge around £20,000 while in America, it can cost up to £130,000, including insurance and agency fees.

The UK permits surrogacy, however, there is a ban on commercial agencies which makes surrogacy in the UK rare. 

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