Emwazi Kidnapped and Stripped Boys at Gunpoint

Monday 09th March 2015 08:49 EDT

New reports suggest that Mohammed Emwazi, the Isis terrorist famously known as “Jihadi John” had kidnapped and ordered two schoolboys to strip to their underwear at gunpoint before abandoning them on the motorway.

The attacked was organised to seek revenge on the boys for attacking his brother and friend at the Emwazi family home in northwest London.

A friend of Mohammed Emwazi's younger brother, Omar revealed that they were attacked by two men over a “postcode”dispute between two gangs. “There was a big fight. They threw a brick at my head and broke my arm. Omar was punched in the face a few times and beaten up”. The next day, Mohammed Emwazi and “two religious guys with beards” went around searching for the attackers.

The friend further stated that Emwazi found the attackers and “threatened them with a gun, made them take all their clothes off and drove off”. He further added, “they dumped them on the M1 motorway. They weren’t attacked physically but they were threatened. It was a message. I saw the guys the next day at school and they apologised to me. Mohammed was a bit of a hard nut. He wasn’t into gangs but people were wary of him. They were pretty scared.” 

It is said that the incident happened two years after Emwazi joined a so-called jihad terror network of older men called the London Boys, swiftly after starting his computer degree at the University of Westminster.

It is believed that a year later, Mohammed Emwazi fled the UK by hiding in the back of a freight lorry on a cross-Channel ferry. This has raised speculations since there are hardly any checks carried out on departure; rather, the focus is more on preventing people from entering Britain.

A source from Whitehall states, “We don’t really have any checks on lorries leaving. In terms of searches they would only be because there was intelligence that people were being moved”.

There are thermal imaging devices and vibration monitors to detect illegal migrants in Belgium and France, but none are used at British sea ports.

There were twenty eight illegal migrants, which include Bangladeshis, Afghans and Pakistanis were found hidden in a Polish lorry on a P&O ferry going to France in July 2014.

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