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Sunetra Senior Wednesday 20th October 2021 11:08 EDT

Jaya is the founder of uplifting colourful accessories boutique: Siya + Pari. Her attractive handcrafted items range from bracelets and phone charms to hair clips and whole jewellery sets. As well as being personalised, each product is designed to elevate, where Jaya utilises handpicked crystals to convey the healing energies, bringing on a feeling of wellbeing. “The rainbow bracelets are best-sellers. They kick-started the business where the first piece was actually a loving gift to my daughter. I wanted to surprise her for her birthday. At the time, I couldn't find affordable personalised keepsakes which would stand the test of time. Using my passion for creativity, I decided to bead one for my daughter. It was instantly a hit on Instagram with many people asking after it.” Named after her young daughter, Jaya's business began catering to children but has expanded to all ages to salute any close bond across a variety of special occasions: “I’ve had orders for bridesmaids, teacher’s gifts, best friends who want to celebrate, children leaving nursery and everything in-between!” Siya + Pari’s personalised rakhi bracelets have been very popular too.     


 Jaya began the business during lockdown, channelling her own need for therapeutic release in the everyday: “it was a creative escape. I became fascinated by the healing properties of different stones: Rose Quartz, for example, is my favourite. Its pink tone represents love, encouraging universal harmony. I was suffering anxiety as many people have at this strange time and was heavily pregnant with my second child. Exploring these stones while creating intimate jewellery, another passion of mine, helped lift my mood – being able to share this with others lifted my spirit! I’ve had an explosion of mums, dads, and grandparents asking for matching bracelets with their children to share the good vibes. Crystals are in fashion too with big brands now beginning to sell them.” Emotional energy then is a valuable power! This is certainly reflected in the warm charm of Jaya’s creations.  

 “Another favourite stone is Black Tourmaline: it’s good for protection. I also love green generally as a colour. They do say to go with whatever you are instinctively drawn to.” Indeed, this hue typically conjures nature, growth and renewal, feeding into the world-wide desire to reconnect to the sensory. Perhaps a rising response to our overly digital age: “There are worse compulsions to have!” Jaya’s business has rocketed over the past year, shipping to international locations such as Singapore, Hong Kong, New Zealand, South Africa and Dubai. However, the founder emphasised the importance of interpersonal appeal: “You have to be authentic. I really believe people invest in the person and a good quality product– not an abstract concept of brand. I love meeting my customers at festive pop-ups and enjoy hearing their stories. I love the fact that clients can confide in us and trust us to deliver.” Going beyond material glamour, Siya + Pari not only highlight the importance of connection but more so true confidence that invites this from within. The universe can naturally hold us but we must first try to meet it. “Trust your talent and defend it – that’s the path to success.” 

What’s your unique selling point?  

We provide unique handmade personalised gifts for you, that are both joyful and meaningful.  

What entrepreneurial business tips would you give to those starting out with small but promising product? 

Always be yourself and remember Why you’re pursuing it. If you stay focussed on the goal and what it represents, you can’t go wrong! My motivation was the inspiration from my daughter and bringing that joy to others. I’m invested in well-being and helping others access that. You also have to be headstrong. You will be challenged along the way and need conviction. Finally, don’t forget to have fun. Enjoy what you do even as you work hard towards it.  

What are your aims for the future? 

Become a recognised brand for good quality personalised jewellery that brings a feeling of joy, warmth and energy. I’d like to expand our curated collection of handmade gifts and one day have a real shop on the high street! And of course, upholding our customer care as we grow and continue creating bespoke meaningful pieces for customers. 

 Finally, what have been some highlight moments? 

Selling out of our rakhi collection, getting orders for our beautiful handmade gifts from around the world and meeting our customers at various pop-up shops. 

Visit Siya + Pari's pop-up event on Saturday 30th October at Orley Farm School for all your Diwali giftsDiscover Siya + Pari at:  

 W: https://www.siyaandpari.com/  

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