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A lesser mentioned aspect of Darwinian evolutionary theory are the benign concepts of diversification and adaption for the collective advancement of the species. Shiv is the personification of a new generation of young entrepreneurs who don’t just use their talents to compete, but also to actively improve the World: “as well as striving for success in business, I feel it’s our duty to help improve people’s lives and that journey has been very rewarding so far.”

Having co-founded Lifestyle Property Group, a property investment & development enterprise, with his business partner and fiancé, Jaina, the young entrepreneur practices the philosophy of “win/win” in both business and personal life. “Obviously, working with a talented partner means we strengthen our relationship while growing the business,” the young trailblazer stated, “and we only work with people that share our values, to ensure that everyone involved gets what they want out of the deal.” The business itself operates through a democratic digital tool, which allows the staff to tailor their professional roles: “for example, work is distributed according to the personality profile of an individual. Everybody wins because they are doing a job they love and therefore, doing it well. I have found that what one person finds boring, another will find exciting – it’s a thriving environment.”

Shiv & Jaina also want to contribute to underrepresented charities, commenting: “soon Jaina and I will fly out to India to search for causes that really need funding – so we can find those that aligns with our mission.”

This sense of social equilibrium informs Shiv’s greater view of the housing crisis: “the term “crisis” can be a bit dramatized – people tend to fear change. But it’s just something different. For example, older generations assume having a big house is the key to a good home, but younger workers prefer co-living and might be perfectly happy with a flat. People spend more time on the go and less at home and tend to prefer the accessibility of cohabitation.” Similarly, switching to a more digital mode of working has “initially been a shock for people,” but it’s ultimately progression. This advancement has allowed collaboration on an unprecedented scale. Perhaps as life is better facilitated, we are now starting to recover some of the community spirit we had lost along the way.

Indeed, the ethos of Lifestyle Property Group realises itself through the concrete results. Shiv emphasised: “we love to purchase housing in areas where the council is doing regenerative work, where we can offer affordable, quality housing to go alongside.” Another ambition is to one day: “create inter-generational blocks for community living. This would encourage older generations who have a lot of experience and wisdom to mix with younger people who might need advice and guidance. It’s a symbiotic relationship.”
Lifestyle Property Group assists London professionals get onto the property investment ladder by helping them explore smarter options in the less developed, but more profitable parts of the country, namely: Leeds: “we did a lot of research into various areas across the UK, from South Wales to Manchester and other parts of the North, and found that Leeds had the greatest potential for overall returns, with clients able to invest from as little as £40,000. The city itself is beautiful and is expected to boom over the next decade. Living in the Capital, people get used to thinking in overblown price ranges, but it’s possible to get a good two-bedroom house for £100,000. We are also very well connected in Leeds: from estate agents and solicitors to contractors and letting agents, we have built great business relationships, which add a lot of value for our clients.”
Here, Shiv elaborated on the emotional origin of his socially imitable enterprise: “I do have a degree in Economics, but the real impetus for Lifestyle Property Group and specifically, the portfolio-builder business has been my family. In 2014, after both my parents suffered heart attacks, I was shocked that there were only limited options to help vulnerable people with income while they were recovering. Together with my partner, we educated ourselves on investing in property to create an additional income stream. After realising that this system actually worked, Jaina left her job and we continued to invest full time, helping friends and family along the way. It grew organically from there, really. I’ve always said: a one-sided win is hollow and bad for everyone in the long run – it’s always best to work with others and trust the Universe to repay the favours.” Thus, Shiv doesn’t just present a sturdy business model, but also one for owning modern life. “I always knew that I wanted to work in a way that naturally fitted with my personal life,” he concluded, “and we’re now able to enjoy this and a wonderful degree of financial freedom too. The idea of working five days a week with just two days off just never sat well with me, while the separation seemed silly: I always thought people would be happier with that situation reversed.”

Tell us more about your accomplishments?
Last year we were recognised in the Property Entrepreneur Awards as part of a prestigious program which measured one’s results compared to their business strategy. Honestly though, we are still young and are just getting started!

What does the company enable you to do?
Set a great example. Jaina and I have created a life by design. Every morning I’m so grateful that I can choose my challenges and do worthwhile work, while building a business that helps others. I really wish more people had the courage to follow their own path because it has been incredibly fruitful for us.

How do you think the housing landscape will change after Brexit?
A quote from Jim Rohn, one of my favourite motivational speakers, comes to mind, “They next 100 years will be much the same as the last 100 years: Opportunity mixed with adversity.” I try to stay out of the political football and focus on how we can immediately better people’s lives.

What’s one piece of knowledge about being a property investor that people simply don’t know?
That Property Investors are really big on Personal Development in all areas of life, from health, to mindset, wealth and even relationships.

Finally, what do you consider when buying properties?
Does it stand the test of time? Investments only work if they are viable in the long-term.

Facebook: shiv.haria1


The idea of working five days a week with just two days off just never sat well with me
Leeds has the greatest potential for overall returns

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