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Sunetra Senior Thursday 02nd September 2021 03:36 EDT

Over lockdown we learned to better appreciate the domestic space. From introducing throw-cushions into the living room to expanding the garden, people began to attend to the nuances of the immediate; noticing its emotive impact. The Clicc have then gone one step further to radiantly transform the evening and take their clients to an experiential ethereal space. The company offers a stunning range of tables arrangements, including crockery and fresh flowers should one opt for this, to physically elevate special dining occasions and conjure different dreamy worlds. These are Tablescapes. From their celebratory summery spread, Bloom, to the Mediterranean calm or mystical allure of layouts such as Lemonia and Dusk, The Clicc infuse gastronomical glamour into the everyday:    

“We generally love to socialise and have people round” co-founders Rakhi Malde and Benita Tibb, explained: “Covid emphasised how important in-person interactions were. We wanted to make homes exciting for a variety of events, from birthdays and baby showers to weddings and hen-dos. We wish to  bring people together while popularising homeware rental. Eventually, we’d like to cater to places outside of London too. We tailor the particulars of our Tablescapes e.g., the colour scheme to match a bride’s dress. There are many add-ons available. At the moment, we’re in the process of hosting a 100-person civil ceremony, adaptively scaling up. Our ethos is to make momentous dining as memorable as possible!” Primarily operating through Instagram, The Clicc offer a handful of sophisticated ornamental themes from which one can flexibly pick. They then organise the chosen décor, drop it off with an easy-to-use guide to set oneself up for the big night and collect everything the next day: “With litte effort, you can host an amazing dinner party!”   

The concept has crested with high-profile endorsements and celebrities such as Rachel Stevens from S-Club 7 and Tamsin Outhwaite of EastEnders as just a couple in a sea of happy customers. Professional partnerships include  YHangry of Dragon’s Den who phenomenally secured backing from the dragons..They have also previously worked alongside Master Chef UK semi-finalist, Nisha Parmar, who now provides private dining to celebrities. By renting, the Clicc allows you to host multiple elegant events with new décor, which would otherwise be costly and wasteful to buy each time:  “We wanted to design different ablescape looks so that there is something for everyone and every event.” Indeed, living up to the exclusivity of their title, The Clicc are very much on trend: “We don’t stop until we’re happy with every last detail e.g., chic  candlesticks and syncing with the seasons! We have a wonderful wintry Christmas option launching soon.” The dried fruit exhibited across the select Tablescapes is also a noticeable delight.  

 Rakhi formerly worked in jewellery design while Benita possesses a natural proclivity towards art. The Tablescapes draw from a wealth of contemporary inspiration, from high-street and digital retail to gallery exhibits, but fundamentally remain the duo’s own creation. “Success has been a balancing act of championing strong concept and being able to mould the product according to the public’s reception. If you’re a rising entrepreneur, don’t be afraid to alter the original vision while having the initiative you need to materialise it. You won’t usually know at first what’s best, but that’s alright. Take advantage of the fact that you can change as a growing SME. Be open to learning and constantly re-invent: from how your business operates to arriving at the best name and logo. You must explore the idea before you settle. We are always moulding our product.” Not only then do The Clicc demonstrate the inherent power of atmosphere, but also the secret to contemporary branding: having faith in oneself as much as the target market. In short, capturing creative essence results in the ultimate product. Being unique breaks through in business.     



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