SPOTLIGHT: Dr Rashi Soin: A Mini Dental Empire

Sunetra Senior Monday 02nd May 2022 12:54 EDT

Rashi is the founder of York House Dental Practice and Weybridge Dental Care based in Surrey. An entrepreneurial medic, the successful dentist is as luminous as the smiles that she creates. Providing an expert range of treatments, from essential dental care to accommodating for urgent appointments and the option of cosmetic work, the friendly dentist offers stellar customer-service alongside the adept odontology. Honing an underrepresented soft skill in dentistry then, Rashi has grown a consummate, unique enterprise. She dispels the overly clinical stereotype of dentists to establish a foundation of gentle encouragement instead. “We pride ourselves on empathy, offering a caring approach, above all, to customers. We especially value an amiable chair-side manner. Additionally, round-the-clock attention is offered, keeping the business open to emergencies and admitting impromptu patients. For regular clients, we are emotionally invested and want what’s best for them in the long-run. We do risk assessments and regular check-ups, working with the individual. We rely on an intimate feedback system that allows patients to voice requests and concerns. We’ll always provide reassurance and give sensitive advice.”  

Indeed, health is holistic. Going beyond the physical, well-being is achieved when considering every aspect of the constitution of happiness, including the emotional. Here, Rashi continued: “In terms of the local area, I wanted to introduce dental practice that would offer cosmetic surgery as well as conventional dental service. People want to look as well as feel good. Common needs range from alleviation of pain to wanting a brighter smile. Our ethos of kind professionalism has been so well-received that we’ve had clients drive down from the North to see us! Although the patients had moved, we continue to enjoy a strong rapport.” Rashi’s warm dentistry further emphasises prevention to generally increase the numbers of shiny healthy teeth. “I love helping people feel better. When I was growing up, there was no awareness of preventive care. If you’re good with patient, they’ll be enthusiastic with their hygiene too. It’s important to brush both regularly and properly for example! I recommend a light circular motion across, and in-between, the teeth with an electric toothbrush. You should brush at least twice a day but not aggressively; rather effectively. If you brush too hard, you risk receding gums which are not reversible! Another tip is leaving toothpaste on before spitting out and rinsing. If you let it sit, you make the most of the beneficial fluoride. As a general rule, of course, limit sugars. Although I have noticed an independent move towards maintaining physical health over the last few years.” 

Rashi is hands-on and positive in business too. “You’ve got to be proactive. The pandemic, for example, was challenging. But we read up on what we needed to do, from essential disinfection techniques to keeping abreast with the latest official medical advice and having diehard dedication. I was similarly strategic when growing into a second company. I also meditate, taking plenty of time to introspect and negotiate the magnitude of what’s ahead. After you conquer it the first time, expanding becomes easier.” Finally, Rashi endorses contributing communally to relieve stress. As the owner of a demanding proliferating business, the diligent dentist loves helping those vulnerable around her. She gives talks at schools and nurseries to raise dental awareness as well as donating money to urgent international causes such as Ukrainian refugees currently fleeing Russia. This work is internally edifying. One feels benignly validated by doing the same for those who need it. Such is the mechanism of being innately social beings. “Everyone needs support,” the dentist concluded. “I gain so much from having a loving familial unit.” And so, Rashi not only highlights the importance of deep personal care, but also genuine connection in developing at large. Aptitude may drive society, but compassion ultimately enhances it.  

What does it take to Run a successful Dental Practice? 

Working as part of a team, leadership skills and expert experience. If you provide quality care all else will follow. My parents are from the medical community and taught me good work ethic, service towards the community and wellbeing and empathy. 

What draws you Personally to the practice of Dentistry? 

Patient care, communication and creativity. Growing up, I had a creative flair which could be channelled through dentistry. With teeth, you are dealing with pearly whites. From contouring and anatomy, you must have an aesthetic awareness. You are building a person’s presentation, looking at them also from the outside. You are key in self-esteem. There is vision behind smile design, including which colours would suit etc. It’s important to have both functional and bright bold teeth! 

What are the most common problems that you encounter? 

A cohort of patients across different ages come to us with pain. This includes bleeding and swollen gums and generally gum disease as well as the need for implants such as missing teeth.  Then there are regular check-ups. Then there’s a notable number of patients with cosmetic issues e.g., chipped and broken teeth and lost fillings. We are a family practice too so we see a lot of children too.  

Finally, what has been a highlight moment with your dental practices? 

Being on a prime-time advert for Sensodyne in India! My dad was so proud: I was speaking in Hindi.  



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