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Manmeet’s life-enhancing business skilfully remedies the one-sidedness of positive thinking at a crucial time when individuals are looking for sustainable balance rather and a quick fix pleasant feeling. Using the philosophical ethos of Dr. John Demartini, a world renowned leading human behaviour specialist, Manmeet’s company, Optimum Performance Solutions, “asks quality questions to help a client arrive at a place of ‘true gratitude’ whereby they feel at inner peace with their position in life.” 

This creates the solid inner platform for achieving professional prosperity in the long run. Manmeet elaborated: “I remember hearing Dr Demartini talk for the first time. He asked everyone in the room: ‘how many of you follow positive thinking?’ And then ‘how many still have negative thoughts?’ The point was that much positivity is still centred on achieving an ideal and aiming for that when the answer really lies in embracing one’s limitations and the bumps along the way e.g. A lot of people will say they are alright with life events when actually it’s a state of complete indifference and they are still troubled by it because they wouldn’t go through it again just the way it was – it’s not deep reconciliation.”

William James, the father of contemporary psychology states that greatest discovery of mankind is that everyone has the ability to change their life based on how they view it. Actually, what happens does not carry any inherent positive or negative charge – it is always a neutral event. It is us who attribute meaning to it.” This methodology works because it is so thorough – it does not readily dismiss, but rather seeks to include. Indeed, as Manmeet emphasised: “the Demartini method® I use incorporates universal laws that govern the world. When you are balanced mentally, even your cells physiologically react to affect a similar equilibrium within the body.”  

Manmeet continued: “Optimum Performance Solutions leads you through a personal and professional transformation which will reverberate through every aspect of your life: financially, romantically, and psychologically.” Here, she talked about her own significant revolution detailing this: “When I first attended Dr Demartini’s class, I was actually on crutches and had hit rock bottom. I knew it wasn’t because I was bad at what I did, which was a very senior role in sales. Rather, my personal emotional unease was breaking through into my professional life. As we know it is near impossible to leave your personal issues at the door. Instead you are remarkably shown how to connect with your genuine self, by seeing the perfection in your life.” Fundamentally energised then, balancing her perceptions, Manmeet was able to walk again, returning to her career to go on and help many more in her unique commercial way. Going beyond a balance of body and mind, Optimum Performance Solutions focuses on that underlying consolidation of personal strength. “At the level of the soul everyone and everything is perfect: there is nothing missing. However, it is the disconnect at the level of the senses where we judge creating good and bad labels on our experiences that creates the issue.”

Manmeet and her team help you experience yourself as a whole, recasting the perceived flaws and merit as both are necessary in your trajectory which then allows a fulfilled, optimum and more durable path forward. “Seeing both sides of the situation, you really understand the WHY of what you have experienced and whom you are, rather than trying to mould yourself to an external standard or continue to exist at odds with your own feelings. Many other life coaching franchises fail because they don’t go to that profounder place: it’s very much a superficial examination of your worth. I’m going against a trillion-dollar industry of positive thinking and thriving because what we’re doing is so real.”  In short, knowing better who you are creates a clearer vision of where you want to be: “What are your individual priorities? Do you yourself understand them?” And so, intuitively intelligent and dedicated herself, Manmeet reveals the organic timeless formula to that ever sought-after state of fulfilment: an unflappable belief in one’s sincerest deeper self.

As someone who works with coping strategies, do you have advice for how to manage in the time of this chaotic Corona Virus?
Again, it is based in the altering of perception. Rather than simply focussing on losing out e.g. job losses and strain on society, it is important to see the adaptive equal advantages of the situation too: increased focus on mental health, connecting with others deeply, healthy eating and exercise; not taking the immune system for granted. There has been perceived grief, but there is also tremendous room to grow together.

How can we think creatively to stay in business and help each other?
I like to refer to the metaphor of a magnet to visualise the holistic order of the world, which itself is an idea as old as time: you can’t have a one-sided magnet. This is the universal law of life called the Law of Duality. In fact, Bhuddha states that the source of human suffering is to try to obtain just the positive and trying to avoid negative. Understanding both helps you live a more fulfilling life.
Also, thinking in this newly engaged way, keep asking how does what I am experiencing, equally help me achieve what’s important to me? If you can keep aiming for this, you will not feel so shaken by the flux around you. You only create distress in your life when you are not adaptable to change.

You help Employers increase their productivity too. Tell us more?

Yes, and in turn the company’s profitability. There is a difference between motivation and inspiration. When you try to rally your workforce according to just your goals and the job spec you give them, you will inevitably lose their emotional investment and need to forever motivate them. However, the Values Linking Process© is based on the idea of inspiring employees by aligning the job spec, vision and mission of the company with personal priorities. Huge companies such as UNIQLO and HITACHI have implemented the very process I teach and are enjoying excellent results.

What has been the hardest part of being your own boss?

Trusting others to be able to do particular jobs as well you can! But again, it is about working on ingrained viewpoints and slowly adjusting your outlook to being more open.

Finally, what have been some highlight moments?

Every time I help someone make the connection to themselves, see the perfection in their lives: that moment I offer them the option to wave a magic wand and change things to how they wished it had been, and all they can say is they have no desire to change others, who they are or what happened to them, because they are truly grateful from within, makes what I do all worthwhile.

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