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Sunetra Senior Wednesday 18th March 2020 09:10 EDT

At a time when we’re seriously talking about 5 hour-day working culture, and businesses are increasingly female-led, Jaina emerges the perfect contemporary role model. Leaving her former 9-5 job in the Oil and Gas industry, she has co-founded the socially conscious Lifestyle Property Group, and is now on the verge of launching her own eco-friendly skincare brand.

“This will focus on natural products which will constitute a minimalist line, providing the bare essentials for women on the go. Use of non-synthetic ingredients such as natural oils, butters and waxes will help the environment too. This was influenced by a major UN goal for sustainability.” Jaina also wants to release a cruelty-free Vegan range as well as help women to feel empowered organically day to day through her unconventionally supportive franchise. “We really don’t need all the faff of extraneous items. It is possible to uncomplicate skincare using a few effective solutions!”


Her current business in property investment also makes happiness the central ethos, making accessible the property market to potential investors, helping maintain existing properties and fostering an amiable dynamic between landlord and tenants. This self-sustaining concept was inspired by Jaina’s own desire to feel freer in the workplace. Starting her career in Chemical Engineering, Jaina worked as a Process Engineer, involved in designing the plants and equipment for efficient processing of crude oil and natural gas to get the desired quality of the end product. “My second job in this industry actually allowed me to travel overseas to oversee and commission this directly,” she told us. “I flew out to Borneo in Malaysia and was able to see what I had been designing on paper in the office established concretely in real life. It was a wonderful feeling.” Jaina, who also speaks frequently on her experiences in corporate self-employment to guide other women into positions of deserving authority, elaborated: “I was feeling dissatisfied with the limiting structure of the work week itself, always looking forward to the weekends. It reflected a desire to be in charge of my life, being my own working boss. A regular 9-5 job often ends up dominating the whole day. I wanted to feel in control of what I was creating and, in turn, be truly fulfilled.”

The professional trailblazer emphasised that women, in particular, should follow their conviction as opposed to stifling it: “If you’re thinking about asking for a raise, or find yourself yearning to change a job just do it! That returning want is trying to lead you forwards.” Indeed, coming from a STEM background where “university was a male-dominated environment with about 10 women on the course out of 70 students,” Jaina knows well what she advises. In addition to being invited to publicly speak, she has also run her own meetings to inspire women into leadership roles or the better alternative jobs that serve them in a regular event called The Daydreamers: “I enjoy giving value to people, growing their potential.” Jaina concluded: “what makes you a successful entrepreneur is the same general formula that makes you happy in life: ask yourself why it is that you are following a certain career path. If you are not in line with your own values, how can you expect to feel good?” Owning your dream business is then the epitome of this mantra. Passionately deviating from the norm, Jaina extends the age-old saying of ‘quality over quantity’ to one’s entire way of life. “If you’re focussed on your highest self, wealth and prestige naturally follow.” And so, feeling motivated, with a responsible awareness of the world, should be one’s biggest priority.

What have been some highlight moments with your current business?

As an entrepreneur, you’re able to choose your own challenges. The best aspect of being a business owner is being able to pick the goals you want to achieve. I’ve also enjoyed organising events to spread the wisdom, and our particular industry message.

What skills did you transfer from your prior job in the corporate world to your current business?

I think very sequentially as a result of my work in chemical processing. I can envision the end goal and work backwards adeptly to achieve it. This helps oversee the maintenance of properties and working with large professional responsibility.

When did you feel you were succeeding in your entrepreneurship?

In 2016, when we were making enough money from investing in properties in the Leeds housing market to cover living costs. This allowed me to leave my job in Engineering and put my whole heart into the business. Now, having learned a lot, I’m looking forward to investing in the beauty product passion of mine. Again, this had an almost recreational beginning – I enjoy experimenting with scrubs and creams and making people feel good in the process!

W: http://lifestylepropertygroup.co.uk/


'Ask yourself why it is that you are following a certain career path. If you are not in line with your own values, how can you expect to feel good’


'A regular 9-5 job often ends up dominating the whole day’

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