Cakes by Nirali: Simply Beautiful Baking

Sunetra Senior Wednesday 07th July 2021 09:28 EDT

Nirali brings you quirky classic cakes custom-made to scrummy perfection. Whether it’s multicoloured meadow-print accompanied by a big sunflower or a sophisticated dainty creation topped off with Ferrero Rocher, the budding baker makes product that’s as tasty as it is chic. Cakes by Nirali caters to the Vegetarian market being egg-free, but is also especially caring. Having a simple chat, the founder will talk “to the customer to help create their vision collaboratively. They tell me exactly what they want done – which flavours and the decorative vision in mind.” She might be given creative control or provide people useful pointers. The product is never too sweet or creamy – just delicious. As demonstrated by the latest trend of Salted Caramel in desserts within the retail market, chocolatey tastes are in fashion, though Nirali cites Kinder Bueno as popular for personal baking in her experience: “many people are going for this these days! Strawberry is another common beloved flavour.” Indeed, the young entrepreneur enjoys experimenting with fruity flavours, especially if they’re tropical: “I’ll mix mango & passionfruit for example. However, coffee is my all-time favourite. I’ll find any excuse to include it. If someone orders it, I have a great time; it means they’ll be left-overs for me too!”  

Of course, light sweet tones are also seasonal. Nirali started her baking boutique while taking a gap year and runs it solely online. Instagram allows the product to visually sell itself: “when I’m more active and consistent so too is the business; it's directly in my hands.” She also takes inspiration from other digital fancy such as fun images from Pinterest, garnering “a mish-mash” of influence to produce that which is truly unique. “I love to experiment and explore and have got a lot of the way through trial & error. A recent novel outcome was my Geode Cake (pictured); this type looks as if precious crystals are emerging from the rock! I used different sugaring techniques and it came out gorgeously.” Nirali currently studies Accounting at Brunel University fulltime; her focus on cake-making is interestingly relaxed: “the baking is therapeutic but obtaining my degree is the primary goal.” Perhaps a physical shop for Cakes by Nirali will organically follow.  

The baker stressed: “You should do business for yourself first. Don’t expect orders to come in straight away. Bakery was very much a hobby. I made sure I was making cakes that were good quality and the rest worked itself out. I started by baking for my community actually – people loved it and were telling me I should sell. My passion for baking generally began from a young age. My mum and auntie are very savvy in the kitchen so I learned from them. I do watch shows like the Great British Bake-Off, but I’m motivated by the immediate; just by what I enjoy.”  This is also how Nirali views the trajectory of her success: “I want to keep seeing where it goes, responding to genuine feedback from the world.” In terms of the fundamental of beginner’s pricing, she advised on the economic front: “generally look at the money being put into the product and how you can make yourself a decent wage from that. Any profit should be put back into the business initially. That’s what’s sustainable and what will propagate growth.” Nirali then proves the ethos that self-drive is essentially priceless. As epitomised in the simple beauty of the name, Cakes by Nirali is based on the assuredly bright. Why not try some playful sampling this summer? The worst you’ll get is happily full… 

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