Bhavni Shah: Venture Beyond

Sunetra Senior Tuesday 26th July 2022 04:24 EDT

Bhavni is the Founder of immaculate travel co-ordinator: Venture Beyond. The gorgeous visual platform offers luxury bespoke packages centred on daring, unique itineraries. From “cruises and safaris to retreats and volunteering” the ebullient founder draws from her twenty-eight years of high-end experience as a travel agent to procure the best of intercontinental vacationing and bring you unparalleled recreative joy! For example: you could be spending your nights at the Bubble Luxotel in the deserts of enigmatic Petra in Jordan, or, learning Salsa dancing from local experts on a magical retreat in Marrakech. Here, Bhavni, highlighted Kenya as her personal preferred destination, stating: “It’s known for safaris, of course, but I especially love the breath-taking private vistas.  There are many quiet conservancies where you can just stand and take in a breath-taking horizon. You can see the entire length of the Savanah. Some of the lodges are spectacular too with incredible natural architecture e.g., positioned on stilts that are emerging from a mountain. Other remarkable locations include: India for the diverse culture. In Europe, Greece is excellent and Croatia stunning. In the Far-East, you’ve got Singapore, Hong Kong which is another version of London and Japan which is amazing during the time of the blossom.” 


Venture Beyond specialise in luxury accommodation where having a strong base from which to explore new, exotic landscapes manifests half the holidaying spirit. If home is where the heart is, hotels must contend in character to welcome its nomadic visitors in. “The hotels listed on the site are at the top of their game with hospitality and service being stellar e.g., Mandarin Oriental. We have picked hotels where one is greeted personally throughout their stay and treated like a VIP. The company also checks in with respective clients regularly via Whatsapp etc. to make sure they’re happy and stay in touch during their holiday. “We curate the very best in amenities, activities, local specialists in their fields and lodging.” Interestingly, Bhavni started her alluring business during the time of lockdown, responding to the collective desire of people longing to once again escape abroad. Also working fulltime for the largest multinational for networking in business, the: “the switch to luxury travel was made upon hearing the wants of the existing customer-base. The general vibe was destination getaways that checked a mega bucket list. Over time, the company have also been able to accommodate lower budgets, catering to a broad price-range.”

 Indeed, Bhavni’s inherently tailormade trips speak to the fact that what everyone wants is different: “No person or therefore holiday is ever exactly the same. You may have different elements of romance, adventure and cityscapes. Bali and the Maldives, for example, often present packages that brilliantly combine parts of each other. I always curate the trips to suit one’s personality. One may want to go to the beach and then hit the local hotspots. Or, you may want to switch off entirely with a retreat and simply relax.” Venture Beyond then demonstrates wanderlust materialised: leisurely ideals exemplified. It’s care-free, glowing adventure alongside the physical comfort. Bhavni shared her professional highlight: “When I went for a property inspection in Kenya, we had the opportunity to meet, feed and walk a Cheetah!” These little perks are certainly a significant bonus in Bhavni’s business. Her platform encourages you to luminously immerse, sheerly enjoy and culturally connect to the wider world surrounding. The company is not only a facilitator for wonderful travel but also boldly  celebrates it: “our ethos is ‘journeys where you see more than you remember and remember more than you see’.” 



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