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Sunetra Senior Wednesday 01st May 2019 11:09 EDT

Instantly evoking the imagery of champagne and relaxation, the aptly named, Foam & Bubbles, is a unique bathroom design and installation company defined by its signature sophistication. “I wanted to create a platform that would take customers through their refurbishment process from inspiration to installation,” Founder, Avinash told us. “Homeowners have two options when refurbishing their bathroom. The first is visiting local bathroom showrooms, however the quality of showrooms varies, and time-constrained consumers need to spend a lot of time showroom-hopping. The second is buying online from eCommerce companies, however, these companies sell low-end and poor-quality bathroom fixtures and fittings and most importantly don't offer the much-needed advice.”

Given that the “bathroom is the most important room in the home, where people start and end everyday”, Avinash continued: “Foam & Bubbles understands the bathroom is a personal sanctuary. For such an important purchase, we believe everyone should have the same peace of mind and personal service offered by an interior designer. Our experienced designers guide consumers through the whole process from initial consultation to installation. We use industry leading 3D Virtual Reality technology, allowing homeowners to step inside an immersive 3D Virtual Reality design of their new bathroom before buying, leaving them to enjoy their new bathroom risk free for years to come. Additionally, our relationships with leading bathroom brands means we can offer consumers exclusive deals and offers."


Indeed, the business model of Foam & Bubbles is itself sleek and modern, operating predominantly online. Foam & Bubbles provides everything consumers need from inspiration to installation in 5 simple steps: firstly, inspiring consumers with fantastic imagery through different social channels, where they now have a social media community of around 100,000 followers and subscribers; educating and exciting consumers with trusted editorial content, written by a team of expert interior design journalists; creating 3D virtual reality designs, allowing consumers to experience their bathroom before they buy; supplying complete bathrooms through their direct relationships with the world’s leading bathroom brands. And finally, connecting homeowners with their experienced and skilled fitters.

With many big names collaborating with the company as a result of their exceptionally engaging blog, you can be certain passion is at the professional centre. Avinash stated: “in today’s hectic and busy world, the comfort of a relaxing bathroom is precious. In the past, we saw small bathrooms with avocado suites. Now, people are taking the time to really enhance their quality of life with bathrooms.” Indeed, this has been a decade with increased focus on personal health, wherein productive output is becoming the extension of a nurtured self. Founder, Avinash, perfectly embodies this. He thoughtfully concluded: “if I had to sum up Foam & Bubbles' core value, it would be: Beautiful Spaces. We are utterly committed to delivering a place where people can enjoy their valuable time to themselves; where they can melt away, and feel that no dream is ever too big.”

What makes Foam & Bubbles special?

I would have to say our virtual reality design service. All our clients receive a Foam & Bubbles welcome pack which includes their own complimentary VR headset, for most this is their first VR experience. It enables our customers to visualise their room like never before and most importantly it enables them to provide precise feedback to our designers.

What are some of your favourite bathroom projects to date?

We recently created a bathroom for a client in Islington, it had a Victorian feel and look, and he wanted to rearrange the layout to optimise for space: he had a walk-in shower, amazing accessories, and beautiful traditional light fixtures. Another favourite project was in nearby Highgate, where an old bank was turned into luxury residential development. We worked hand in hand with the project manager to accomplish a mix of modern and traditional decor.

What’s the price range for your bespoke bathrooms?

We supply bathrooms starting from £1,500 going to anywhere north of £20,000.

What’s the future for Foam & Bubbles?

Our next step is expanding our bathroom inspiration to installation offering across the UK. The natural evolution for Foam & Bubbles is kitchens, we already have the skilled designers and fitters in place to make this move. Once we are covering bathrooms and kitchens across the UK we will start looking internationally.

Finally, who has been a big support in your life?

My wife, Meera, who works in venture philanthropy supporting early stage social enterprises, has been fundamental in the business. My parents and in-laws have been extremely supportive and encouraging. I really look up to my father, he’s my number one role model in business and in life. I've also been advised by mentors from the community including Divyesh Kamdar of Comline Auto Parts and Kiran Shah of Character Group. Other organisations including JITO (Jain International Trade Organisation) and EO (Entrepreneurs’ Organisation) have been instrumental in our journey.

W: https://www.foamandbubbles.com/

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