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“RNT Fitness goes beyond delivering world class physical training,” Akash, the co-founder of the innovative online outfit, told me. “We specialise in transformation of the body,” and as Asian Voice found out, also centrally people’s lives. Expert trainers help put together rigorous and reliable fitness routines, which are adapted to individual schedules, and moreover views “body transformation as a vehicle that enables holistic change.” This is RNT’s unique entrepreneurial power. 

Together with gifting customers excellent athletic and bikini physiques, Akash elaborated on how clients have experienced “an incredible boost to all facets of modern living: from relationships, to productivity at work and finances.” RNT signature workouts are so successful because there is broader, smarter thinking behind it: “through physically building people’s bodies, conscientiously guiding them at the same time, we foster qualities of discipline, focus and tap into resilient emotional energy. This creates long-lasting impact. To this end, we also ask clients to attach a strong value to their fitness routine: it shouldn’t be working out simply for the sake of it. We ask them: why do you want to be fitter? Can you appreciate how this drives your wider goals and ambition?”

By understanding the pivotal role of the body in elevated happiness then, Akash and his team affect a multitude of personal positive changes. The young professional himself holds a first-class Sports Science degree from the University of Birmingham, now actively competing in national bodybuilding competitions alongside his full-time career: sincere testament to the purposeful RNT Fitness ethos. Akash added: “I can really empathise with my clients because I’m always learning more and pushing the limit on my own fitness, taking my body to the extreme. I can relate to everyday trials and tribulations and the rigid structure required to yield the best results.” However, as well as having a sensitive approach, Akash’s strong academic background makes him a naturally “analytical and solid researcher, blending scientific knowledge with practical experience.” RNT can boast staying connected to the latest fitness facts to provide the ultimate, integrated training programme.

A digital service, RNT Fitness also holds clients through the various obstacles posed to actually implementing the healthier physical habits. “We make the system work for our customers,” emphasised Akash. “This starts with the application process which accommodates for clients as real people, leaving room to allow elaboration on what they’ve gone through, and what they want to achieve with us as fitness experts. We assign the most qualified member of our team who designs a highly personalised physical routine, from weight training to cardio, and guidance on food choices and how to manage fitness around work and family. In terms of motivation and accountability, we encourage clients to check in with their coaches on a weekly basis by uploading pictures, updated measurements and different levels of feedback etc. We make sure to monitor the effects that the new routines are having, and use the feedback to make tweaks and alterations to not only allow the client to progress, but make it seamless with their lifestyle.”

Indeed, treating the body as interconnected with emotional health is a very contemporary trend. Cambridge Psychiatrist Edward Bullmore recently published work that argued depression as a chiefly physical disorder linked to obesity and poor diet while the mindfulness movement increasingly incorporates care for the body as crucial for progress. “When you really train hard and work on your body,” Akash commented, “you can enter what is called a ‘void state’ which is similar to meditation.” Such vigorous physical routine results in a sort of existential cleanse that creates great internal clarity: “another beneficial outcome of the RNT approach has been igniting people’s passions. I believe you should follow the life path and vocation that best suits you and I really enjoy watching people flourish through finding their individuality as I have.” Intense, agile expression has been particularly important to Akash as a man of South Asian origin: “I do embody an unconventional career path, but I feel a lot of people of our cultural background additionally give up on themselves because they feel good health and the community are incompatible in a way. But we can get into great shape and keep very fit too. Body transformation is as much an art as it is a science. It is psychological – if you can master immediate, tangible challenges, you learn to really value yourself and can surmount any challenge.” Thus, Akash and the team at RNT stand frontrunners in a fast-evolving fitness landscape that not only values preservation of the body, but sees it as core to the self.

What exactly drew you to a career in fitness?
I was initially set to follow my father’s footsteps with a career in law, but when I started training at 17 years old, I was hooked. I saw the instant reward, and became obsessed with learning about it. And so I went against the grain of the traditional South-Asian career choices of law, finance or medicine and switched to a career in fitness. I wanted to do something that I was passionate about, fulfilled me, and was able to create real impact in people’s lives.

What more have you done to add a personal touch to physical routines?
We’re against pigeonholing people through one method. We are paradoxically original by being flexible – if someone wants to include weight training and yoga, for example, we will take that into account. The key necessity is that someone commits to their own preferred routine.
We host regular client only webinars, as well as meet ups every three to four months so that people can put faces to names. We also have a podcast called RNT Fitness Radio which includes expert guests from fitness, business and self-mastery, and our private Facebook group is always buzzing with tips, comments etc.

What’s your preferred method of training?
Personally I enjoy weight training at least 3 or 4 days each week. I also encourage people to do at least 10,000 steps each day.

Have you found wearable tech to help in the routines prescribed to your clients?
Wearable tech can certainly help gauge progress, and encourage more activity. Although you can also track such activity with your phone. The real key is to include activity as much as you can into your daily routine. For example, getting off a stop earlier for work, ‘walking meetings’, make your phone calls on the go. Along with a healthy diet, this helps create a calorie deficit for fat loss.

What are some RNT Fitness Values?
Our three main principles are as follows. 1) Outstanding customer service; we saw too many ‘coaches’ send slow replies, not showing they care, etc, so make this a priority. 2) World class results; we want the best results for our clients. 3) Personalised approach to lifestyle; we’re against all ‘cookie cutter’ plans!

What has been the most challenging part of setting up a business?
Managing the priorities across the business and accurately identifying what opportunities can take the company to next level. There’s a lot of trial and error to be done while remaining truthful to your overall aim.

Finally, what are three tips you can give someone who is considering beginning fitness?
Some easy tips you can implement today are: 1) Include as source of protein with each meal. 2) Weight train 3-4 days a week with 10,000 steps a day. 3) Give yourself a deadline and create accountability.

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